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The Not Vote

The always-interesting marketing guru Seth Godin wisely alerts citizens of democracies who fail to exercise their franchise because they claim to hate politicians to an important fact they have probably overlooked: many politicians want them not to vote: Political TV advertising is designed to do only one thing: suppress the turnout of the opponent’s supporters. […]

Primitive Tool Use

Cunningly, Yahoo! has made a virtue of the Alex Massie view of the relative lack of sophistication of “Twenty20″ cricket to promote their live online coverage of the world championships. [The video embedded below is a Windows Media file.] Like this:Like Loading…

Say What You Like About Joseph Stalin, At Least He Made The Underground Trains Run On Time

It was quiet here last week because I had a lot of things on—to the extent that I had to stop off at the 24-hour Tesco superstore in the small hours of Saturday on the way back from singing at a gig to do my week’s shopping. I’ve read some extreme tales about the goings […]

King’s English

Burger King’s slogan “HAVE IT YOUR WAY™” really is a Registered Trade Mark. Luckily for those looking for a similar marketing gem to promote their products or services, “IT’S YOUR FUNERAL” and “SUIT YOURSELF” are still available. Like this:Like Loading…

A Series Of Unfortunate Events

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Toshiba Tecra A8 Review

As I admitted yesterday, I’ve taken part in Talk Toshiba‘s blogger outreach programme. I thoroughly approve of this sort of thing. Not only does it make bloggers feel even more important than we already think we are, but it allows us to play with shiny things for free. (It’s also a boon to those with […]

The Temptations

Tom Hamilton complains about being spammed by Naomi Klein’s people, looking for publicity for her latest volume of designer politics. (Exactly as I didn’t with Peter Cook’s book back here, I am going to divine without reading it that Klein’s book will be rubbish.) From Tom’s comments, it seems, they also pestered Tim Worstall, Mr Eugenides, and […]

Lesson One

When I tore open the plastic envelope containing my latest copy of The Economist there was a flyer inside advertising Felix Dennis‘s How To Get Rich: The Distilled Wisdom Of One Of Britain’s Wealthiest Self-Made Entrepreneurs. If you phone the number printed on it then he’ll send you a copy of the new paperback edition […]

At Last, A Use For French Mime Artists

I’m embedding this month-old YouTube video here because it’s better that you don’t see its title. That would spoil the clever pay-off. Like this:Like Loading…

Love Over Gold

Somewhere in a box I have a copy of Dire Straits’ Love Over Gold on cassette. I bought it when I was a kid and listened to it on the Sony boombox that I won when I was thirteen in a competition to come up with a new advertising slogan for Pot Noodle™. Dire Straits’ […]

Hands Across The Ocean

Hi, Knut. Jerry here. Yeah, I’m afraid it is kinda bad news again. Look, I gotta be honest with you: Pixar have nixed the whole project. No, it wasn’t your fee—though I gotta say they thought the spec you were demanding for your Winnebago was, er, “unusual”. You really wanna know? Hey, don’t take this […]

In The Developing Lab This Morning

SUCCESSFUL LOCAL FEMALE PHOTOGRAPHER [looking down her nose at trade mag]: It’s amazing they still do ads like that in this day and age: women in bikinis standing in the darkroom doorway. POOTERGEEK: It’s post-feminist, innit? Those are ironic tits. SUCCESSFUL LOCAL FEMALE PHOTOGRAPHER: Just for once I’d like to see a man in a […]

The Low Spark Of High Heel Boy

Last week, as part of my continuing journey into girly, I was photographing ladies’ fashions and domestic interiors for i gigi and the i gigi General Store. I recommend that you pop down to the latter at 37 Western Road in Brighton because it is truly a sight to see. This is a shop that looks like […]


Yesterday I had two meetings in London, so I spent a bit of time on the Tube. I am fascinated by posters on the Underground. There’s an hilariously “retro” one for the Cyprus tourist board up at the moment that I imagine being devised by two sideburned ad execs, fresh from lunch in the pub […]

Another Diversion

So there’s no new content here, but qwghlm is back with an excellent, funny post about ads attacking movie “piracy”. (I’m not sure why he’s so down on the first “viral” video though.) Like this:Like Loading…

More Advertising

A little while back, someone linked me to the Geostationary Banana Over Texas. I thought it was just a Web meme / bit of conceptual art fun. It turns out it’s both of these, but it’s also a real project to launch a gigantic inflatable banana into orbit. It’s worth reading that article right to […]


Given that I spent New Year’s Eve alone at my computer keyboard tidying up my remote UNIX home directory, this is going to read like a middle-class white guy wibbling on about how “vibrant” the local “community” is as he moves into a flat in one of London’s tiny ethnic war-zones instead of the Georgian […]


Sometimes your first instinct is to sympathise with a particular cause until you meet the people who believe in it—and find them in your local park dressed in black polythene bags and engaged in a one-sided debate with a squirrel. Like Eurosceptics [Euroskeptics?], anti-ID card campaigners have a whole array of sound, rational arguments at […]

Season’s Magreetings

On the way to Intenso to drop off some photos, I passed the windows of an art supplies shop and snapped these items from the display with my cameraphone. Like this:Like Loading…

Beige Girl In The Ring

Following on from my previous post, the entertaining flickr pages of a posh Asian-Italian woman called Robyn are at the end of this link, including her own pics of Brighton from her recent visit with her man. (They seem to be public so I don’t think this makes us voyeurs. She’s part of the Bobbie […]

Best Things On The Telly

Of course, some of the adverts are still amazing. Like this:Like Loading…

Selling Out: Your Views Sought

I’m not going to share my thoughts on this one with you lot yet, except to link to this post on Black Triangle, but I’d like to read yours about these following plans of mine. I intend to put advertisements on the Wedding Photography Blog and on another potentially money-making blog that I have started […]


Over the past week or so I have grown a beard. I’m going to chop it off today, but it’s not bad as beards go: short, thick, dark, and slightly curly, with flecks of grey in it. It’s grown while I’ve been locked indoors doing Web design on my Sepial site. The design isn’t even […]

Advertisement I Saw In A Post Office Window Today


Gissa Job!

Wondering why I’m blogging regularly again these days? I have gone from two months solid with photography assignments to two months of none at all. If you want to book a bargain shoot then now is your chance. I took these photos on Saturday at my last gig, a naming ceremony in the Scented Garden […]

And Another

The Wedding Photography Blog is back—sort of. Link to it and, as soon as you let me know, I guarantee I’ll link to you in return—unless your Website flogs snuff videos or something. Like this:Like Loading…

Missed One

Welsh non-dragon Suw Charman doesn’t write very often, but she’s interesting when she does and she fought my corner against ruthless streetcorner pushers Antoine and Jackie in the 2006 drug wars. Now she’s joined the other newcomers on my blogroll. Like this:Like Loading…

Two Answers To Questions You Didn’t Ask

My darling readership has solved two PooterGeek mysteries. Remember the “hair guitar” version of Pachelbel’s Canon? This New York Times article [PDF] tells the tale behind it. A couple of weeks back, on the way back from the site of a wedding reception, I managed to get myself stuck in one of the few actual […]


Coca-Cola Germany’s customer care service is called the “Coke Line”. Like this:Like Loading…

Will Blog For Links

Thanks to Norm, for linking to The Wedding Photography Blog. It reminded me of something I should have mentioned in my previous post. If you enjoy PooterGeek and have a blog or a Website then one way you could thank me for the free entertainment would be to put the words “wedding photographer” or “wedding […]

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