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“He’s quite a gay dog with the ladies.”

Via Kellie Strøm, this is a delight: Like this:Like Loading…

Those Nick Clegg apology YouTube remixes in full

In a fit of shameless Google-baiting, I collect here some of the YouTube remixes of Nick Clegg’s Party Political Broadcast apology for his and his party’s breaking of their tuition fees “pledge”. The Original   The Poke's AutoTune version   The Simon Bates “Our Tune” dub   The “honest subtitles” overlay   If you know […]

Carly Death Rae Jepsen

I have spoken of my love for Sound On Sound before. It’s a popular music magazine that’s about music. It cares for more about excellence than coolness. If you enjoy the mocking of naked emperors, its demo review pages are especially fun. Sadly, I had to save money a few months back when my subscription came […]

Modern Masters

Further to my rant about clueless DJs replacing proper producers, here are a couple of funny little animations about the horrors of being a mastering engineer to today’s “talent”: Mastering: The Movie Part One and Part Two. And, from an interview this month’s Sound on Sound magazine, here’s Bruce Swedien, studio engineer for Michael Jackson’s Off The Wall and Thriller albums, […]

v v good fun

This [HD YouTube video] is a bonkers slab of wonderfully British-sounding soul-pop from V VBrown. Shame about the over-compressed production/mixing/mastering that turns every peak into white noise. This [HD YouTube video—censored version] is an equally bonkers slab of ironic hair metal from the self-proclaimed “modern Spinal Tap“, Steel Panther. I know it’s meant to be a […]


Via Ben Goldacre, “English Translations of Eastern Bloc Lolcats“. Like this:Like Loading…

You Wouldn’t Steal A Parrot

The (Monty) Pythons raid YouTube, displacing poor-quality rip-offs of scenes from their films on the site by adding official, high-quality rip-offs. Are they mad? Well, they’re certainly richer. Their DVD sales have increased by 23 000 percent. [via Slashdot] Like this:Like Loading…

The Ultimate Downfall Parody

Via Paulie and thanks to qwghlm comes YouTube footage of Hitler discovering that his membership of the British National Party has been leaked. If you understand German then watch with the sound turned down. Like this:Like Loading…

Aural Sachs

Andrew Sachs has just been on BBC Radio 4, walking around London Zoo with Tim Samuels and reminiscing about how he used to sneak in there during World War II. Sachs was born to a Jewish family in Berlin in 1930. He and they fled Germany in 1938. He witnessed Kristallnacht—“Goodness, those Stormtroopers are going to get into trouble […]

Credit Crunch Leads To Balance-Of-Satire Surplus

Here are two I enjoyed: Hopi Sen’s “What would Bertie Wooster do?” and The Daily Mash’s “Government takes 60% stake in Al-Qaeda”: The prime minister said : “We must ensure that, as an institution, it continues to provide a useful, ongoing threat without actually blowing things up.” The Daily Mash is a free online site. […]

Jewish Comedy Timing

INTERIOR. KITCHEN. JEWISH MEDIA FRIEND L IS PREPARING DINNER FOR POOTERGEEK. POOTERGEEK: Like I said to [JEWISH WRITER FRIEND C] and [JEWISH WRITER FRIEND J] about [UNFUNNY JEWISH WRITER], being a Jewish writer who isn’t funny is like being black and having no sense of rhythm. JEWISH MEDIA FRIEND L: Were they offended? POOTERGEEK: Why should they be? [PAUSE] JEWISH […]

Say What You Like About Joseph Stalin, At Least He Made The Underground Trains Run On Time

It was quiet here last week because I had a lot of things on—to the extent that I had to stop off at the 24-hour Tesco superstore in the small hours of Saturday on the way back from singing at a gig to do my week’s shopping. I’ve read some extreme tales about the goings […]

Amateur Video

While I’m recommending films, I notice that The Amateurs [aka The Moguls] is being advertised on the Apple trailer site as on theatrical release in the States. This is odd because I’ve already seen it cheaply in the UK via Amazon’s DVDs-by-post service. Perhaps it went straight to video here because it had stinking reviews. […]

One Minute Of Fifteen Minutes Of 2007

Right now I am doing chores of such hellish tediosity that I am beginning to wonder if time has folded in on itself. That could be one reason why taking a break to watch this YouTube clip was so enjoyable. If you recognize all the Internet memes it references then you’ve spent too much of […]


This has been online for so long and is so funny that it’s hard to believe that no one has sent me a link to it before. Perhaps this is because it’s a German health and safety video and, for the first minute or so, is exactly as entertaining as that description suggests. But it […]

Car Crash TV

I hope you are as appalled as I was by Dave’s mocking the frustrated devotional efforts [YouTube video] of the sincerely religious. Like this:Like Loading…

Unseen Square Footage

A couple of years back I planned a new running scenario on PooterGeek: Tora-Bora-nation Street. The idea was simple: Tony Blair and the rest of his family would drop into the local Corrie-style corner shop from time to time and I would depict their developing relationship with the new proprietors—with the Blairs unaware that the […]

Words Like Weapons

Here’s a nice coincidence. Up at The Weekly Standard Website there is a piece by Frederick and Kimberly Kagan about the strategies being used by Coalition forces in the war against terrorists in Iraq. It’s interesting. Kieran Healy at Crooked Timber sneers—on the reasonable grounds that Frederick Kagan is obviously not a disinterested commentator, and […]

Practical From Hell

I’m probably in a (large) minority in thinking this, but it’s a Bad Thing that we’re raising a generation of science students who won’t get this joke. Like this:Like Loading…

The Decline And Fall Of Radio 4 Comedy: Part XXV

Right now Jo Caulfield is on, doing a routine about Friends Reunited—you know: that Website that was all the rage in 1999. An actor is putting on a nasal voice and pretending to be the school nerd reciting his online profile while she reads between its lines. No, the programme isn’t a repeat. Next week: […]

Surely Another Joke?

I very, very rarely bother with “Comment Is Free” here. It’s one of the wrongest things about The Guardian these days. But I’ve just read an irresistible article. In it, the Assistant Editor (or perhaps “an assistant editor”—dontcha love these meedja job titles?) of the newspaper’s arts and entertainment blog—that’s its arts and entertainment blog—confesses […]

Rent Boys

A. N. Wilson has been writting cobblers for years. What disturbs me now is that The New York Times seems to be willing to pay him to write cobblers in its pages. Over at Tom Hamilton’s place there’s some more nonsense from Wilson. While you’re at Davos Newbies, I also recommend that you read the […]

Excellent E-cards

Some E-cards carries a dazzling selection of contemporary greetings. I particularly liked this one, this one, this one, this one, and this one. Like this:Like Loading…

Another One For The Roll

I’ve added Olly’s Onions to my blogroll. Recently I enjoyed these posts from the site. Like this:Like Loading…

Busharat The Omnipresent

Tim “Bloggerheads” Ireland uses the exciting new medium of citizen video to put the boot into a Labour candidate and gives me the biggest laugh I’ve had all week. Like this:Like Loading…

Millions Of Souls Cry Out

I’m taking a few days off from blogging because I’m busy so I will leave you, as always on such occasions, with one of PooterGeek’s famously hilarious repackaged jokes. But first, this is perhaps a good time to link to one man’s account of his attempt to go without the Net for a week: Day […]

At Last: A Use For Clip Art

If you haven’t visited the “Partially Clips” Website previously during its half-decade of existence or read the strips in the newspapers where it’s syndicated then I fear you are about to lose about an hour of one of your first working days of 2007. The idea is simple and strict, so strict that Rob Balder, […]

Horror Double-Bill

First you can watch the “killer attack on the bees” photo-story. Then you can see a video of what happens to Tickle-Me Elmo TMX (a toy that amused my nephew and niece this Christmas) when he is set on fire: he keeps on laughing while the flames are a-lapping. Like this:Like Loading…

Surely This Is A Spoof?

Watching grim news reports from Iraq lately, many people have hoped that the ongoing suffering of its people might be put into proper perspective by a funny-looking Italian bloke clowning around Baghdad in retro underwear. At last that dream has come true. Sentimentality, slapstick, glib geopolitics, and cut-and-paste ethnic colour. On the evidence of this […]

Gloriously Unsound

Happy Christmas, one and all! No content from me today, but the trailer for this movie looks like it will have something to offend everyone. Like this:Like Loading…

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