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How to make drum solos interesting

Portrait of the ghost drummer from odaibe on Vimeo. ‘Portrait of a Ghost Drummer’ expands the understanding of drummers activity from purely auditory experience to spontaneous visual performance. From technical point of view motion trajectory was captured on Vicon MX system and raw CSV files were translated into visual language in 3d environment Cinema4D. Like […]

Sounds of silence

Via Slashdot, here’s an abstract of a study of graffiti found on the walls of the Joseph Regenstein Library at the University of Chicago, performed by a member of its IT staff. You can also browse the full dataset, including photographs of the inscriptions made available under a Creative Commons licence. The take-home messages (as […]

Statistics Is Fun

Have a look at this elegant illustration of the relative safety of one cervical cancer vaccine. Read this intriguing blogpost about how the appointment of bean-counters at Premiership clubs might well have made league games even more exciting to watch (as well as costing bookies money). [Thanks to Jim P.] Like this:Like Loading…

Earth and Moon

I like this: a to-scale depiction of the Earth and the Moon as if seen from a point in space 350 000 miles away from both of them. Like this:Like Loading…

Like Radio 4 Listeners

The last time I tinkered ever so slightly with the layout of PooterGeek the email and comment complaints were such that I gave up and returned to the current look. This is something like the fourth design of PG since it started five years ago, but when I changed it previously there were no readers […]

Excellent E-cards

Some E-cards carries a dazzling selection of contemporary greetings. I particularly liked this one, this one, this one, this one, and this one. Like this:Like Loading…

Photographic Evidence

Just to prove I didn’t make it up, here’s a screencap courtesy of a Newcastle Utd discussion board: [click to enlarge] And there’s softcore panda porn over on the BBC News Website: The look on Bai Yun’s face—“female panda in heat finally gets seen to by toy boy bear”—is hilarious. Like this:Like Loading…

Merciless Minging

The Ugly modelling agency provides “interesting” looking people for advertising and other media purposes. Cleverly, they have a Website to match: distracting background images, Comic sans fonts, horrid layouts—they got ‘em all. Like this:Like Loading…

Concept Album

Germany has the lowest birthrate in Europe. Luckily, help is at hand. Like this:Like Loading…

At Last: A Use For Clip Art

If you haven’t visited the “Partially Clips” Website previously during its half-decade of existence or read the strips in the newspapers where it’s syndicated then I fear you are about to lose about an hour of one of your first working days of 2007. The idea is simple and strict, so strict that Rob Balder, […]


Over the past week or so I have grown a beard. I’m going to chop it off today, but it’s not bad as beards go: short, thick, dark, and slightly curly, with flecks of grey in it. It’s grown while I’ve been locked indoors doing Web design on my Sepial site. The design isn’t even […]

No Original

Flickr is amazing. I got an email overnight from a US political magazine asking to use one of those Darfur demo photos. A couple of days ago Norm sent me a link to an article about the death of the photographic original. You’re bored already by my “real film” fanaticism, but even in the days […]

Inverse Convergence

As digital processing drives photographs to become less and less like the things they record, so digital illustration drives images to become more and more like the things they don’t. [The blog I link to has a strange layout. You’ll have scroll down the right-hand-side strip of content to see thumbnails of the dazzling pictures […]

Stop The War(monger Bush And His Poodle Blair)

As you know I’ve been busy, so I’ve only just noticed via Jo Salmon that someone has found an honest STWC/CND flyer. Like this:Like Loading…

Something You Don’t Want To See As You Ride Your Train To London

[via The (normally very geeky) Daily WTF] Like this:Like Loading…


This is fun. Like this:Like Loading…

My Problem With UKIP

My legal adviser tells me that all members of the UK Independence Party are sane, sensible, and not closet racists at all. Google tells me that their Isle Of Wight branch’s lilac campaign caravan, the completely non-racistly named “Wight Knight”, is the seventh hit for a search on Google Images for my name. Why is […]

George’s Problems Solved

George Szirtes complained recently of PooterGeek looking even weirder than usual on his old Mac. This was fixed by installing the free version of this Web browser. It also improved his experience of various other sites compared with the way they looked under Internet Explorer—not surprising given that IE is software written by bum-heads. Like […]


Hot Wheels Helena has spotted a good one over at B3ta. Like this:Like Loading…

Hi, Message; Meet Medium.

Also via Tim Worstall, would you hire a “PR guru” who uses (at least) eight different fonts on his own homepage? Note that, underneath his Superhero Personality Test post, the next two items on Stuart Bruce’s site are about the messiness of the e-democracy Weblog and the importance of using plain text in email. Best […]

Pretty Things

doctorvee’s ‘Blog is looking rather slick these days. He also has a link to “thinking chess” [you need to have Java installed, but it’s worth it] which is even slicker, so slick that it’s got me thinking about doing something I swore off years ago: learning another programming language. Also via doctorvee, this pleasing tally […]

Lust For Flatness

Electronic paper is here at last: I want this and I want that. Like this:Like Loading…

Why Can’t It Wait Till Morning?

Via Happy As Kings, this collection of double-bed strife could be described as the Not-Calmer Sutra. Like this:Like Loading…

When I Lived In Modish Times

There are debates going on at Eric The Unread’s and at Harry’s Place about which of three of Eric’s teenage badges he should be most embarrassed about: Marillion, Lenin, or Greenpeace. This is indeed a question worthy of discussion. Amusingly, of the three corresponding Wikipedia entries I link to, only the Marillion one is undisputed. […]

All Aboard!

I made a flip suggestion to some of my bloodthirsty friends yesterday. Hak polished it up into a work of art. Like this:Like Loading…

Deep Street

Via The Motley Fool I found these impressive examples of trompe l’oeil pavement art. Remember: the chalk is only 2D. Blair on top seal dipping a toe mirror man bulky laptop Like this:Like Loading…


Hak thinks meeting me in the flesh qualifies her to reduce me to pixels. Mini-Me and Eitan Eitan thinks I look like the very late King Tut Tut Like this:Like Loading…

On A Lighter Note

Jeremy from Who Knew? emailed me with a Che-Guevarication of my younger self the other day. In return I shared with him one of the best subverted Ches I have seen recently, the Che-rie Blair, available to buy on a T-shirt from the Football365 shop. Like this:Like Loading…

Comrades In Arm Rests

I’m adding three more sites to the ‘Blogroll today. First is Bloggers4Labour. This is late, I know, but I’d assumed that I had already installed it. B4L led me to two entertaining sources of nitpickery: Twistblog, which I am going to forgive for being run by the person responsible for Cute Cat Of The Day, […]

Mullets And Meaningful Stares

These remixed romance novel covers are painfully funny. Admittedly the raw material was probably hilarious already—just not on purpose. [I don’t read Instapundit any more, so I refuse to be embarrassed that he picked this up a week ago.] Like this:Like Loading…

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