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Animals Or Savages?

Some commentators who have opinionated about the recent murders in Afghanistan, murders supposedly committed “in response to” a US pastor’s burning a copy of the Koran, have resorted to what I ironically call “good racism”. Bad racism is what unemployed people living on council housing estates display when they blame their being unemployed on immigrants. […]


To my immense amusement, I am quoted in a national Dutch free daily newspaper today, saying (of the Euston Manifesto): “We had no idea it would get so big”. Like this:Like Loading…

I’m A Grumpy Eustonard

I’ve not mentioned the Euston Manifesto Conference here yet because it’s been another pile of unpaid work for yours truly and I’m buggered if I’m going to add to it by writing lengthy blogposts about it. There’s a week to go before it takes place (on Wednesday 30May07) and most of the tickets have already […]

Euston Manifesto Blog

It hasn’t been publicised, but there’s a new Euston Manifesto blog running alongside the existing site. The blog collects items of interest to signatories and supporters of the manifesto and invites civil debate about them. So far posts have been contributed by Jeremy Brown of Who Knew?, Alan Johnson of Labour Friends of Iraq, Jeff […]

Euston Invocation Of The Week

From a review entitled “Understanding Borat” on the blog The Libyan Observer: Moreover, nowadays, when the Jewish State’s influence within the American administration is academically and historically established (The Israel Lobby, John Mearsheimer and Stephen Walt) when the support for Neoconservatism that has lead to a genocide in Iraq is largely endorsed by the Zionist […]

A Correction And A Recommendation

Recently Shalom Lappin and I were interviewed by Ha’aretz about the Euston Manifesto. The published article completely confused and misrepresented our views, though I doubt this was out of malice; the reporter hadn’t brought his recorder so he took notes of our conversation in Hebrew and drank beers as he did so. I haven’t mentioned […]

PM at EM

Today, Tony Blair, or “The Tonester” as I call him at our weekend soft rock jam sessions, writes for the Euston Manifesto Website. As an experiment I’ve opened a Euston Manifesto forum where you can tell him what you think of what he has to say about public service reform—on a day when the biggest […]

The Future Of Darfur And The Future Of The Left

Because of a couple of gremlins over at the Euston Manifesto site we’ve accidentally been turning people away from applying for tickets to our meeting next Tuesday evening in London. It’s free and there will be three speakers on the subject: “Darfur: An Urgent Case for Humanitarian Intervention”. Follow the link to email us for […]

Idle Hands

On a similar subject, right now I am looking forward to an evening of catching up with accumulated Euston Manifesto email. I should point out that, contrary to the impression you might get from reading PooterGeek, the vast majority of it isn’t from cranks. This is, in one sense, slightly disappointing. Mail from nutters is […]


“Some of you may recall that, back in April, I spent a few moments expressing my distaste for the ‘Euston Manifesto’. Today, thanks to a little playing on Technorati, I discovered that some other blog has, instead of discussing the post in my comments section or sending me an e-mail, taken chunks of the post […]

At Home With The Geek

World domination. It’s not what it used to be. Sharks, lasers, death rays, golf carts driven by chicks in jumpsuits? Get with the program, people! Picture this: a lovable retired university professor in an Australia T-shirt. He walks into a pub, talks to you about cricket, human rights, and before you know it you’ve invaded […]

Another Lovely Irony

In the past 24 hours, Benji has posted multiple comments here at PooterGeek under (at least) four different false identities, all of them sneering about the number of signatories to the Euston Manifesto. I’ve deleted them all now and will continue to do so, but it’s nice that someone cares so much about the EM […]

Putting It Down

manifesto n (pl manifestos, manifestoes) a public written declaration of the intentions, opinions or motives of a leader, party, or body or of a sovereign. The Chambers Dictionary [Norm knows I wrote parts of the following essay a while back and didn’t post them, but it has turned into a kind of companion piece to […]


I have been profoundly disappointed with the level of Euston Manifesto satire to date. Things are so bad on the taking-the-piss front that I am probably going to have to do it myself. That’s what it comes to when so many of the people who disagree with you are humourless, witless, or unhinged. For heaven’s […]

Euston Email Of The Day

“…If you want to see what is behind (historically, you’re big on that right?) George Bush and all the other minions pretending to give a shit about the state of the world then I suggest you check out two documentaries. Loose Change and Bush Link to Kennedy Assassination Alex Jones 911 Conspiracy. Chances are you […]

In The Post

I keep being told that the Euston Manifesto Group is being funded by The Lizardoid Hegemon: “Lets be quite clear about this; the ‘Henry Jackson Society’ and the ‘Euston Manifesto’ are out-and-out right-wing neoconservative organisations set up deliberately to confuse and belittle the Left. They are supported directly by wealthy American neoconservative organisations and are […]

Euston Email Of The Day

“Gentlemen, May I ask have any of you thoroughly investigated the implosion of WTC building 7 NYC 911. Also are you aware that FEMA has no explanation to this day as to why this 47 storey building basically undamaged collapsed in free fall particularly when owner Larry Silverstein is recorded as saying he pulled building […]


NIGELLA: But it’s my favourite dress! POOTERGEEK: Never mind, it’s only mayonnaise. Look, let me help you with that zip. NIGELLA: Goodness, your fingers are cold. Here, I’ll warm them for you. POOTERGEEK: That’s very kind, but your hands are full. Hey, don’t turn round. I’d almost got that thing… Oh. I see. Gosh. It […]

“The US Actions In Iraq Are The Same As In Vietnam”

“I will not sign it, because I strongly believe that an “overthrow of Baathist government” cannot be applauded on any level at all if it was not begun and wholly supported by the Iraqi people themselves. The US actions in Iraq are the same as in Vietnam, just on a smaller scale: racism; mass killing […]

“As Disastrous For Humanity As Stalinism, Maoism, And Nazism”

“I am convinced that climate change will be just as disatrous for humanity as Stalinism, Maoism, and Nazism.I am also convinced that in a generation, the shame of our inaction on this issue will be comparable to the Left’s shame over communist ‘apologetics’, and European soul-searching over our inaction during the Holocaust. Global warming is […]

“A Dangerous Pro-Capitalist Tract”

“I have a long and tedious post in the works about The Euston Manifesto and just why it’s a dangerous pro-capitalist tract dressed up as a harmless load of wet western wank (to borrow a phrase from my erstwhile lecturer in political philosophy).” Like this:Like Loading…

“Adolf Hitler”

“The Euston Manifesto calls for nothing short of what happened in 1938 Germany. Placed back in that time, this piece of work would have called for support of the actions of Adolf Hitler.” Like this:Like Loading…

“Are We Right To Deny Other Societies This Learning Process?”

“Actually, on second thoughts, I can’t be arsed criticising any more of this “thing”… it’s simply too easy. There is, however, one aspect of the “manifesto” that ties in with another line of thinking that’s been troubling me… the intolerance of tyranny abroad. I’m the first to agree that there are many, many, dreadful things […]

Commercial Break

I’ve got a couple of photography engagements to do so I am going to be too busy to blog over the next couple of days. Normally I would post a joke here and leave you to talk amongst yourselves, but, sadly, as a result of the attention the Euston Manifesto has brought to this site, […]

A Day In The Life

I’m in a bookshop on the Charing Cross Road. I’ve just come from lunch with an editor at The Economist(, dahling). My mobile rings. it’s the other person from the newspaper I was supposed to meet earlier. She’d been stuck in the City, talking to men-in-suits. I move to the back of the shop and […]

We Remain, However, Firmly Opposed To Incest

“Looking very relaxed, Adolf Hitler on vibes.” They said we were in trouble when Bill Kristol and Michelle Malkin gave their support for the Euston Manifesto. But now we have a morris dancer on the books. Like this:Like Loading…

I Read Baudrillard, So I Must Be, Like, Rilly Rilly Clever!

Like a teenager in Starbucks with a Penguin Kafka sticking out of her carefully distressed jacket pocket, someone calling herself “thapunkprincess” flashes her reading list and then attempts to strike a subversive blow against the Eustonian hegemony by inventing a fake signature for the manifesto: One more thing before I go. Various internet ‘commentators’ have […]

Normal Service Resumed

UPDATE: Now we’re really, really back. UPDATE: Nah, we’re off the Net again. We apologise for the recent interruption on our journey to World Domination. The online conspiracy of the Jewish-American Neo-Con Revolutionary Communist Cardigan-Wearing People’s Army That Really Really Isn’t Worth A Moment Of Anyone’s Time At All But Here’s My Fifth Blogpost Railing […]

Disruption At Euston

I think it’s a measure of the success of this thing that my phone won’t stop ringing when the Euston Manifesto site goes down. I even missed two calls while Norm was on the phone to me about it. It’s not a problem with the site itself or a targeted attack; all Websites at our […]

First Post?

Has the Euston Manifesto brought another new blog into the world? Like this:Like Loading…

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