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Nothing is timeless

I often grumble here that there’s no such thing as “timeless greatness” in art. Everything from subject matter to structure to execution to meaning depends on the circumstances that prevailed when a work was made. Indeed, if a work is published into another set of circumstances, it can escape its creator’s intentions completely, even without […]

How to make drum solos interesting

Portrait of the ghost drummer from odaibe on Vimeo. ‘Portrait of a Ghost Drummer’ expands the understanding of drummers activity from purely auditory experience to spontaneous visual performance. From technical point of view motion trajectory was captured on Vicon MX system and raw CSV files were translated into visual language in 3d environment Cinema4D. Like […]

Thamesmead, Riverside School, 76–78

For a long time, PooterGeek’s homepage has been decorated with a school photo of me shot in, I think, 1979. I’ve taken the sensible advice of one of my readers and moved it. It’s still here, but on the “About” page where it doesn’t unbalance the new site design. The original print from which the […]

Aesthetics On Wheels

A couple of days ago, I was driving along the front at Worthing and saw for the first time the amazing spectacle of the drifts of wooden planks washed up in the recent shipwreck. This was days into the operation to clear the spill and long after sunset, yet the timber loomed unignorably two storeys […]

Stepping Out

This is another one I’m over a month late to, but it’s magical, just the sort of impossible cleverness that computer games could do with more of. Via, to succeed playing Echocrome [Flash video demo] you have to accept the physics of Escherworld. Like this:Like Loading…

On The Preservation Of Source Texts

Yesterday morning, I walked out of the building that my flat is in to find that the telephone box immediately outside it had been marked with words along the lines of: HEY NIGGAZ KKK 4 ME in six-inch high black letters. Today I was going to write a post about it—not an “end of civilization […]

It’s All In The Hanging

Jogging from the bank yesterday evening to catch Richard Brincklow‘s in-store performance at Passenger‘s launch of their new single [buy it now!*], I stopped to photograph this: Regulars will know that I am not an admirer of Banksy’s work, but circumstances and the shrewd planning of the staff at artrepublic temporarily turned the 2006 effort […]

More Advertising

A little while back, someone linked me to the Geostationary Banana Over Texas. I thought it was just a Web meme / bit of conceptual art fun. It turns out it’s both of these, but it’s also a real project to launch a gigantic inflatable banana into orbit. It’s worth reading that article right to […]

Cat In A Box

I’m not going to reproduce it here, even as a thumbnail, because (as you can see from the discussion underneath) the creator of the image wouldn’t like that, but at the end of the following link is a lovely photograph. I like it and I am not a cat lover. Do read the photographer’s description […]


I’ve just returned from another boozy early evening exhibition party. One of the exhibitors is a painter who does portraits from photographs so it was business as well as pleasure. When things finally started winding down, the last people standing were three gay guys, the hostess, one other woman, and me. At that point the […]

Season’s Magreetings

On the way to Intenso to drop off some photos, I passed the windows of an art supplies shop and snapped these items from the display with my cameraphone. Like this:Like Loading…

Best Things On The Telly

Of course, some of the adverts are still amazing. Like this:Like Loading…

Running Rings

Driving back from a job recently, I passed a giant pig carved, crop circle-style, into a hillside planted with cereal. Well, I think I saw it, unless it was fatigue causing me to hallucinate. I hate to put a dent in the excellent Mick Hartley‘s belief that the medium of the crop circle is untainted […]

A Magician

When I was a kid I was fascinated by a 3-D photo viewer called the View-Master. Last night as I lay in bed with my ThinkPad having finished off my latest post on the Wedding Photography Blog, I followed Design | asides from my blogroll there to the Magnum Photos site and experienced the same magic I […]

Hot Wheels In Hot Pants

Sorry it’s been quiet. I’ve been working my way through hundreds of photo scans. Once I’ve finished I’ll be back in action here and on the Wedding Photography Blog. In the meantime I couldn’t help but notice something familiar about one of the snaps I took on the river in Cambridge at Hot Wheels Helena‘s […]

Blending In

Imagine what it’s like trying to find anything around his place. Like this:Like Loading…


Remember Chris Applegate’s giant KitKat? His original playful culinary experiment seems to have given birth to the monster that is “Pimp That Snack“. Booyakasha Like this:Like Loading…


This is fun. Like this:Like Loading…


Slashdot links to a tale of how a systems administrator scammed a 419 scammer, helped indigenous craftspeople, and obtained two rather nice wooden sculptures. The Age writes: “When he found a willing victim, his anti-scam unfolded in much the same way as a typical 419 scam, promising payment only after a substantial investment had been […]

Local Artist Captures Greatness Of Britain

I photographed this painting in a shop window in Hove, Actually. Gawd bless ‘er! Like this:Like Loading…

What A Pair Of Johnnies

My favourite quotes from this evening’s Front Row on BBC Radio 4: War artist John Keane asked if he might be romanticising the terrorists responsible for the Beslan school massacre: “I’m interested ultimately in what motivates people to kill people for political ends, for better or worse. And really the reason is: Everyone is a […]

Random Association Update

You might remember this post in which the Geek stumbled upon an art project designed to bring strangers together in strange ways. If you’d like to sign up for it yourself go here. Like this:Like Loading…

The Da Vinci Lode

It takes nerve to claim in public you originally extruded the pseudohistorical baloney that was the meat in one of the worst-written bestsellers of all time, but if Michael Baigent and Richard Leigh win their case against Dan Brown it could be the beginning of a long haul. On the “3 for the price of […]

The Ultimate Taste Test

This is too strange. Using digital photography, someone called Wojtek Kwiatkowski has found a way to recreate those paintings of horses they used to sell at the corner shop up the road from my parents’. Are the results weirdly beautiful or impossibly naff? Like this:Like Loading…

Pretty Things

doctorvee’s ‘Blog is looking rather slick these days. He also has a link to “thinking chess” [you need to have Java installed, but it’s worth it] which is even slicker, so slick that it’s got me thinking about doing something I swore off years ago: learning another programming language. Also via doctorvee, this pleasing tally […]

We Must Be Told The Truth About Primitive Knob Jokes

All English comprehensive school desks must by law be engraved, somewhere on their surfaces, with stylized representations of human primary or secondary sexual organs. Why is it whenever some new prehistoric cave art is uncovered it’s always men with spears pursuing unfortunate savannah ungulates? Why do they never find badly-drawn pictures of genitals or breasts […]

Birmingham School Of Art School

Excuse me, sir? Yes? I’m here for the life drawing class. Blimey. No one else is. Yes, I noticed that. Are we going to start anyway, sir? Why are you calling me “Sir”? You are the life drawing teacher, aren’t you? I prefer to think of myself as an creative facilitator, but, technically, I am, […]

Three Weekend Headlines

Truckers Pluck A Sculpture as Self Preservation Society executes audacious robbery. Two vehicles gained access to the courtyard of the Henry Moore Foundation in Perry Green, Much Hadham in Hertfordshire, on Thursday evening. Three men then loaded the huge statue of “a reclining figure” onto the back of a Mercedes lorry using a crane. Officers […]

The Future Is Ours

In October 2005, PooterGeek features two posts and twenty-two comments celebrating sheds. In December 2005, the creator of Shedboatshed wins the Turner Prize for Art. Even Dave F’s joke is recycled by a Professor Sam Shuster on the Guardian letters page. Once again, my people, we surf ahead of the wave. On a surfboard made […]

Or You Could Go To The Tate And Look At The Boxes

I could have chosen one of hundreds of quotes from various Whedon interviews over the years to set this brief (and somewhat random) rant off, but this is particularly apt: “I love genre. I love fantasy. I love science fiction. I love horror. I love musicals. I love finding a different way to express what […]

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