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“He’s quite a gay dog with the ladies.”

Via Kellie Strøm, this is a delight:

Stepping Out

This is another one I’m over a month late to, but it’s magical, just the sort of impossible cleverness that computer games could do with more of. Via, to succeed playing Echocrome [Flash video demo] you have to accept the physics of Escherworld.

Catblogging At PooterGeek Now Out Of Control

Earlier today I linked to a picture of a cat in a box before linking to a picture of a cat on a man’s hat. That was before I discovered this animated image of a cat clinging to Jeremy Paxman’s hair.

Sean Bean Acting Masterclass

“One does not simply walk into Mortor…“

Home Beauty Care

If you’ve got the bandwidth, this sharp computer-animated film from Taiwan is worth the download.


Via Beth at Mindfull Chatter [sic] I came upon this amazing piece of computer animation. The best version of the 30-second film is the DivX format file [about 8 meg], so Windows users who don’t have it already should download the DivX codec if they want to enjoy the video it at its highest quality. […]

Christmas Bills

Leasey will only have to read the arithmetic expression “BadgerBadgerBadger + Christmas” to understand what’s at the other end Maoi’s link for the day.

Farewell, Ivor; Hello, Kylie

Over the weekend, Judith told me that a feature-length adaptation of Brideshead Revisited is being planned. For this version, the Catholicism will be toned down. This is the sort of thing Evelyn Waugh might have written into a satire of Hollywood. ["Waugh's a man? Is he some kind of faggot?!"] Maybe we can petition to […]

Transgender Transgressions

A couple of weeks back, I saw Shrek 2 with the Anonymous Economist and the Clandestine Celt—not only do they not want to be named in my 'Blog, they want their romance to be kept secret too :-O —and afterwards said to them that it was the kinkiest, campest mainstream cartoon I'd seen in ages. […]

“…juicy and delicious”

Whether you agree with it or not, you can't deny that The Meatrix is a superb piece of animated propaganda for organic farming.


No one will dispute my contention that IBM’s animated Linux penguins are cute and cool. Flap your wings to the fonky, fonky beats.


Leasey led me to this reservoir of weirdness. Leasey is a small, young woman and I am a larger, older man, so I’m not sure why she found the stalker’s “confession” Fancy Soup VI amusing and I thought it was creepy—further confirmation that I am a wuss?


Chuck Jones—the director of Wile E. Coyote, “Super-Genius”—and his co-workers at Warner Brothers worked to a set of rules when creating the Road Runner cartoons: The Road Runner cannot harm the Coyote except by going “Beep-Beep!” No outside force can harm the Coyote—only his own ineptitude or the failure of the Acme products. The Coyote […]