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Damian Counsell

My name is Damian Counsell. I build Websites and sing soul and record podcasts with Judith Levy.


Damian Counsell smirking in a school photoDamian Counsell in front of the West Pier, Brighton

PooterGeek is my blog. I started PooterGeek in 2002, when I was doing bioinformatics for the Medical Research Council at the Genome Campus just outside Cambridge, UK; but this blog was never intended to be about my day job. Anyway, in 2005, my day job ended, when the MRC closed down the Human Genome Mapping Project Resource Centre (later the “Rosalind Franklin Centre for Genomic Research”—or something). My contributions to proper science are negligible, but here are my two contributions to crude generalization:

Counsell’s First Law

The Cool Kids are always wrong, even when they are right.

Counsell’s Second Law

The two most powerful forces known to contemporary humankind are peer pressure and the desire for a quiet life.

Because I wanted people who were searching for technical publications written by me to be able to find them easily, I blogged under a nickname invented for me by a student. I’ve been on the Internet for about twenty years, but it was only after lots of people who previously didn’t see the point of the Net started blogging that I saw the point of keeping a personal Weblog. Partly because of this, I wrote my first blog in raw HTML, with a text editor. This was even more of a waste of time than blogging using blogging software. Having tried a few tools, I have settled on WordPress. I think it’s the best one I’ve used—and it’s open source. These two facts are connected. The “broken typewriter” lettering of the PooterGeek banner was made with the free GF Halda font from G:fonts. The photo of Damian Counsell in front of Brighton’s burned-out West Pier was taken by Louise Lawrence.

A Plug for my work

If you’ve been brought here by an ad for my services as geek-for-hire, you are probably a one-(wo)man-band, rather than a global corporate entity.

[If you are a global corporate entity, perhaps looking for a multi-lingual site or help with hi-tech, especially supercomputing, online marketing then go to my boring work page at counsell.com.]

If you’re a sole trader or small firm, here are some relevant examples of my recent work:

At the simpler end of my work, I built a home on the Web for a Worthing-based guitarist/guitar teacher Andy Hedges, and I created this site for Southend folk singer Kate Denny

If you’re looking for something more elaborate, then visit the main site of MADHEN, the elite covers band who played the “other” royal wedding a couple of years ago.

I also consolidated and built Index on Censorship’s sites.

If you’d like to hire me, or just talk with me about the kinds of things people hire me to do, go to my contact page and get in touch.