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Oh the irony. My contribution to the first (test) Levy & Counsell podcast as token friendly Lefty at online US conservative community was marred by technical problems. Even I find it hard to follow the thread as I listen to this because my audio breaks up and I speak even more slowly and haltingly than I needed to to be understood. Entire Presidential terms elapse in the gaps between my words. But, no doubt thanks to Judith’s fluency and clarity, Ricochet liked it enough that we will return in two weeks with another.

portraits of Judith Levy and Damian Counsell

In this episode, it was inevitable that we would discuss the result of the US Presidential election, me from a statistical point-of-view and my old friend Judith Levy from Israel’s perspective.

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  1. Posted 12Nov12 at 10:39 | Permalink

    I think the Orca problem (the Romney app for users) is being overplayed, but there’s certainly some not good engineering decisions.

    “Right on Day One” is a difficult problem in internet applications. Adding in large volumes makes it even worse, but from what I’ve read, they didn’t do any stress testing. So they didn’t realise that one web server wouldn’t be enough, or that their ISP would think that they were getting a DDoS attack.

  2. Posted 12Nov12 at 14:51 | Permalink

    ORCA will get better, and, especially if Republicans lose their minds and revert to pleasing their “base”, there will be plenty of time to fix it.

  3. Severely Ltd.
    Posted 16Nov12 at 16:06 | Permalink

    I’m one of your Ricochet listeners that thoroughly enjoyed the podcast despite the tech problems. I hope that it’s allowed to run longer next time, I think Judith mentioned at one point that you would address the tendency of Jews in the US voting Democrat which was never gotten around to. I’d be interested to hear both of you opining on that.

    Nice to have found your website.

  4. Posted 16Nov12 at 18:01 | Permalink

    Thanks for taking the trouble to say so, SL. Yes, Judith herself was disappointed that we didn’t get around to that, but she will do.

    In fact, current events mean Judith will have an awful lot to talk about over the next few weeks, sadly.

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