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Things Can Only Get Better

For safety’s sake I usually stay in on New Year’s Eve. It makes no difference. There was the year when a drunk phoned me up in my bedsit in Oxford to accuse me of being in bed with his wife; I was on the bed alone with my guitar. There was New Year’s Eve 1999 […]

They Do Things Differently Down South

Thank you to Beardsleys and Counsells for their hospitality and generosity. Oop North, they know how to enjoy themselves, but local children don’t have it as good as my niece and nephew: fattist oppression in action Like this:Like Loading…

Cheesy Christmas To All PooterGeekers!

Season’s greetings from Maisie, Sam and me. Maisie and Sam say cheese Like this:Like Loading…

Christmas Shopping

WHSmith, home of the Tragic Life Story, brings us a Great Gift Idea for Christmas: Madeleine: A most heartbreaking and extraordinary disappearance Like this:Like Loading…

One Minute Of Fifteen Minutes Of 2007

Right now I am doing chores of such hellish tediosity that I am beginning to wonder if time has folded in on itself. That could be one reason why taking a break to watch this YouTube clip was so enjoyable. If you recognize all the Internet memes it references then you’ve spent too much of […]


I was so uncool at university that I only made it to the periphery of a gang of sad scientists. One full member of the group could play immaculate air drums. I think he might have owned a small drum kit at some point, but he wasn’t a drummer. He’d sit on a chair in […]

Fully Acknowledged Broadcast

Alan Tracy off Thunderbirds Rhydian Roberts off X-Factor Like this:Like Loading…

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