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Lately, my blogging here has been irregular and I’ve had less and less to say. I think it’s time for me to take a longer break from PooterGeek. I might be gone for a month; I might be gone for a year. I’ll probably be back eventually. say no to imitations[click image to enlarge it] […]

Brilliant Physics Lesson

The beardy-weirdy teacher in this Metacafe video is probably a cinder now, having expired when his garage exploded during his attempt to stage a one-fiftieth-scale re-enactment of the Hindenburg disaster, but I do recommend that you visit the film on the end of that link. It has to have been one of his finest moments, […]

José Mourinho: Villa’s Part In His Downfall

Ironically, I was in José Mourinho’s country of birth when Aston Villa beat Chelsea 2–0 so I didn’t write another one of these. Looks like it helped push “the Special One” over the edge: The BBC understands the impasse between Mourinho and [Chelsea FC owner Roman] Abramovich came to a head after their 2–0 defeat […]

Art Prog

I’ve taken my time getting around to this because the original email I was sent read like “benign spam” (which, in a way, it was) so it went to the bottom of my in-tray. [Sorry, Paul.] The legendary Paul Wixon is promoting a Japanese band called “Sollers” with a view to getting them some gigs […]

Overheard Outside An Antiques Shop Yesterday

FIRST ANTIQUE DEALER: Do you have a double-U-double-U-double-U number? SECOND ANTIQUE DEALER: ? FIRST ANTIQUE DEALER: An, er, Internet address? Like this:Like Loading…

Transports Of Detroit

This video not only contains a collection of excellent car-buying advice (which is almost as useful in the UK as in the USA), but a fine lesson in how to use presentation software to support a talk and in how to give a talk that’s no longer than it needs to be. Like this:Like Loading…


When I was a kid, my two favourite comic book superheroes were The Amazing Spider-Man and Iron Man. That’s the subsequent interests in biology and physics/engineering right there—not to mention their alter egos being a photographer and an anti-communist industrialist respectively. (In my own case, I was transformed into The Geek on a school trip to a power station, […]

That Awkward Post-Match Dinner

“Meysterr McClaren, you hyev harrdly touched your sushi.” Like this:Like Loading…

Poll: Top BBC Radio 4 Turn-Offs

Following the success of the last one—current Messiah: Christopher Hitchens—and because I am again busy, it’s time for another poll. As an experiment, I will allow you lot to add extra answers to the choices available: Which of the following is most likely to make you switch off Radio 4? the sound of John Humphrys’ […]

Toshiba Tecra A8 Review

As I admitted yesterday, I’ve taken part in Talk Toshiba‘s blogger outreach programme. I thoroughly approve of this sort of thing. Not only does it make bloggers feel even more important than we already think we are, but it allows us to play with shiny things for free. (It’s also a boon to those with […]

The Temptations

Tom Hamilton complains about being spammed by Naomi Klein’s people, looking for publicity for her latest volume of designer politics. (Exactly as I didn’t with Peter Cook’s book back here, I am going to divine without reading it that Klein’s book will be rubbish.) From Tom’s comments, it seems, they also pestered Tim Worstall, Mr Eugenides, and […]

Luvvie Dynasty Trivia

I had always assumed that there was some connection between the Cusack families either side of the Atlantic, but there ain’t. The actor and screenwriter Richard Cusack is father of John, Joan, Ann, Susie and Bill. Actor Cyril Cusack is father of Paul, Sorcha, Niamh, Pádraig, and Catherine. Sinead Cusack is married to Jeremy Irons […]

Getting The Point Across Online

Here are some sensible tips on how to send an email message. Like this:Like Loading…

Lesson One

When I tore open the plastic envelope containing my latest copy of The Economist there was a flyer inside advertising Felix Dennis‘s How To Get Rich: The Distilled Wisdom Of One Of Britain’s Wealthiest Self-Made Entrepreneurs. If you phone the number printed on it then he’ll send you a copy of the new paperback edition […]

Sex-Starved African In Steamy Hotel Room Action With Brazilian Maid

Sorry about the silence. I’ve been working hard in Portugal and working hard here. Stevie Wonder says I look just like him in these shades My exact ethnic background isn’t immediately obvious from my appearance. Most Sierra Leoneans would call me “white”; most Brits wouldn’t. To a large fraction of the people on this planet […]

Bin Laden Still Trapped In Underground Bunker Behind Wall Of Rubble With Only Webcam, Grecian 2000, And “Comment Is Free” For Company

“Gradually restores natural looking color to gray hair” It’s rambling, lying, conspiracist bollocks from a mass-murderer in a silly hat. He recommends Chomsky, the Kyoto Protocol, a universal flat tax, and an end to democracy. Someone give him a newspaper column. Whoops. Already been done. I’m not quoting the costumed cock here. You can search […]

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