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I Only Pass These Things On

The front page of today’s Argus features this headline: Today’s Argus street placard features this headline: Like this:Like Loading…

Philosophers: 2 — Scientists: 0

Last Friday I found myself stuck in a room in a Cambridge college waiting to do a photo job so I took Ludwig Wittgenstein’s Philosophical Investigations down from a shelf and, as an intellectual dwarf perched on Hindsight the Giant, sneered at it. Certain things he said appear absurd in the light of certain experimental […]

The Harsh Truth

Hot Wheels Helena is back from Glastonbury with a message for post-modernists, fundamentalists, and plain mentalists everywhere: More info here. [Thanks to Caroline for the pic.] Like this:Like Loading…

Microphone Windshield Catalogue

Now that the afro has been reintroduced widely into the wild, it’s time to revive this visual guide to some of its many variants, reproduced from an I-Spy book that was mysteriously unavailable when I was a child. Like this:Like Loading…

Don’t Blame Me: I Didn’t Vote For Her

…Or even second- or third-vote for her. This is where preference systems get you. It’s ironic that, even though I think she was one of the worst candidates for the job, I also think her election will improve Labour’s chances of winning the next General Election. Like this:Like Loading…

Practical From Hell

I’m probably in a (large) minority in thinking this, but it’s a Bad Thing that we’re raising a generation of science students who won’t get this joke. Like this:Like Loading…

Ash-ian Babes

The Labour aristocracy does seem to be attracted to “sexually highly charged black women“. Not being one of Jackie Ashley’s admirers, I missed her toe-curling tribute to Diane Abbott in The Guardian—where else?—when it appeared last week, but I caught up with it via Peter Briffa: [Diane Abbott MP] was, and is, a cheerer-upper. She […]


Did anyone else hear that BBC news soundbite from a representative of the emergency services reviewing the effects of the sub-tropical storms that hit parts of the UK this week? Amongst other things, he described them as “very, very frightening”. If so, did you manage to resist singing, “Thunderbolt and lightning / Galileo! / Galileo!”? […]

The Whitney of Witney

British Spin fisks Dave’s “comeback” speech: First up, He keeps on with some horribly mixed metaphor. “then, brick by brick, you build your house. That is the plan I laid out when I became leader of this Party and that is exactly the plan we’ve been following. We started by preparing the ground. We stopped […]

The PooterGeek Argus Headline Collection: Hove Special

I admit that I have, in the past, given my readers the impression that the more genteel half of Brighton & Hove is a sleepy, geriatric, upper-middle-class, conservative place. Indeed, one resident commented here: After all the effort I’ve put into making Hove sound like the hipper and more cosmopolitan sista of Brighton, you’re making us sound […]

The Decline And Fall Of Radio 4 Comedy: Part XXV

Right now Jo Caulfield is on, doing a routine about Friends Reunited—you know: that Website that was all the rage in 1999. An actor is putting on a nasal voice and pretending to be the school nerd reciting his online profile while she reads between its lines. No, the programme isn’t a repeat. Next week: […]

Totalitarian Political Nanny Statism Gone Mad

Over at Samizdata, California is becoming a “totalitarian” state because an overwhelming majority of the residents of the city of Berkeley voted for comprehensive regulations to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and because San Francisco can fine pet owners who don’t feed their pets properly and fortune-tellers who don’t have a licence to practise. Britain is […]

Free Shoot

If you are having a reasonably smart and public evening party/reception/dinner in the near future and would like it to be captured on film, gratis, then contact me. I want to test out some new flash techniques and don’t want to do so on a paying job. That’s the catch: there could well be a […]

Geek Rock

Last week, Steve Wright interviewed Paul McCartney on BBC Radio 2. At one point, Wright asked him about his latest single. The track is exactly what you would expect of Lord Macca of Loch Kodak: completely insubstantial and terminally catchy. It’s called Dance Tonight. It’s about how everybody is going to dance tonight—and have a good time, […]

One-Man Gospel Choir

Go here [requires Flash video]. Skip the intro by clicking on “SKIP” in the bottom right-hand corner. Then click on “Video” and choose the first example: “Don Lewis demonstrates…” Like this:Like Loading…


This civil engineering computer simulation [YouTube video] of one of the September 11 impacts is all the more shocking for being created without factoring in the explosions or heat damage. It also omits the fleeing spectating Jews, holographically concealed missiles, and shaped charges planted in the tower by giant lizards. Scientists and engineers, eh? They’re […]

Earth and Moon

I like this: a to-scale depiction of the Earth and the Moon as if seen from a point in space 350 000 miles away from both of them. Like this:Like Loading…

Through The Magic Door

I’ve been away for a few days so you’ll have to wait while I catch up with other things before there’s any new content here. When I got back from my travels, I found a mosaic of Labour Deputy Leadership-related letters forming a junk mail welcome mat. Ooh, look: there’s a picture of Peter Hain […]

Finding A Line

While his master leads the England bowling attack, Steve Harmison’s dog, Magoo, participates in the British Dog Agility Championships. Like this:Like Loading…

Mentally Unstable Man Attempts To Board Popemobile

The 80-year-old Bavarian, who has suffered a number of strokes, believes himself to be God’s representative on Earth and participates daily in what he and his followers claim is a cannibalistic blood ritual, during which they eat the flesh of a centuries-dead carpenter and travelling quack doctor. Officers have returned him to the high-security accommodation […]

Einstürzende Neubauten

In The Ipcress File, Michael Caine plays Harry Palmer, a British intelligence operative. He is deprived of sleep and exposed to loud repetitive noises by enemy agents trying to break his will, erase his memory, and make him believe that he is a traitor. His defensive mantra in the film—“My name is Harry Palmer”—was, like […]


To my immense amusement, I am quoted in a national Dutch free daily newspaper today, saying (of the Euston Manifesto): “We had no idea it would get so big”. Like this:Like Loading…

Singular Sensation

Foolishly allowing himself to be provoked by the skeptical taunts of Professor Cho the experimentalist, Professor Hawking chooses the annual NASA barbecue as the occasion to collect on one of his bets. Like this:Like Loading…

Rumble In The Jungle On The Savannah

This YouTube video of charismatic megafauna fighting by a waterhole starts slowly, but develops into a riveting drama. It’s got all the ingredients for a Disney animated feature except songs by Elton John. Like this:Like Loading…

Blogging Of Quality And Distinction

After this, Hamer Shawcross goes onto the ‘roll. Like this:Like Loading…

This Looks Like A Job For A Chartered Diversity Co-Ordinator

This isn’t much of a blogpost, I know, but: what he said. Like this:Like Loading…

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