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Lefties Sell Out

Thank you to everyone who spoke at, helped with, and attended the Euston Manifesto Conference yesterday. Every seat was taken and then some. It was a superb meeting with some of the most interesting and thoughtful lectures I’ve heard in years—and that includes the stuff I thought was wrong. One of the best things about […]

Book Hot, TV Hot, Not Hot

Thanks to Judith for this guilty pleasure: a set of author photo juxtapositions: ordinary snapshots versus flyleaf portraits. Like this:Like Loading…

Grey Matters

You expect celebrity kids to grow up into adults with dependencies; you expect 80s pop stars to turn into casualties: Gary Coleman, Michael Jackson, Jason Donavan; Adam Ant, Whitney Houston, Billy Mackenzie, Billy Idol, MC Hammer, Stuart Adamson… But the phenomenon that scares me is that of the thirtysomething swashbucklers of my youth—then celebrated for […]

Today In Your Super Soaraway Sunday Madeleine



Thanks a commenter at Maximum Bob, I discovered that yesterday was Talk Like Bob Dylan Day and, thanks to a video on the Talk Like Bob Dylan Day site, I discovered that Bob Dylan wrote every single popular song of the last forty years. Like this:Like Loading…

Chopped Liver

Yesterday evening I watched The Libertine. It’s diverting and stylish; there are some lovely, elegant, theatrical speeches; but there’s not as much sex as I’d hoped for. Johnny Depp doesn’t go over the top and John Malkovich is even more pleasingly restrained. I wouldn’t go out of your way to rent it though. I was […]

Missing The Point

I had to go into London yesterday morning. Before I set off, I foolishly put on The Today Programme while I was in the shower. As I’ve said here before, John Humphrys’ encounters with politicians raise my blood pressure, not because his aggressive questioning succeeds in exposing the lying lies of lying liars, but because […]

Pull Up To The Bumper

One of the dangers of teaching your children to read at an early age is that they will just pick up anything that’s lying around the house or on the shelves of the local library and start reading it because it’s got words in. This inevitably leads to questions about the words. I clearly remember […]

I’m A Grumpy Eustonard

I’ve not mentioned the Euston Manifesto Conference here yet because it’s been another pile of unpaid work for yours truly and I’m buggered if I’m going to add to it by writing lengthy blogposts about it. There’s a week to go before it takes place (on Wednesday 30May07) and most of the tickets have already […]

That Conservative Party Pledge Card

A nugget of purest green for every child. David Cameron to continue not to be Michael Howard. Working couples guaranteed a shift from an econocentric paradigm to a sociocentric paradigm. A comprehensive school in every town. Snickers bar to be called Marathon again. Like this:Like Loading…


There’s a movie called The Ring about a video so frightening that anyone who watches it dies. Here’s a link to a post at Drink-Soaked Trots. Like this:Like Loading…

Surely Another Joke?

I very, very rarely bother with “Comment Is Free” here. It’s one of the wrongest things about The Guardian these days. But I’ve just read an irresistible article. In it, the Assistant Editor (or perhaps “an assistant editor”—dontcha love these meedja job titles?) of the newspaper’s arts and entertainment blog—that’s its arts and entertainment blog—confesses […]


Dang. That Skuds beat me to this classic Argus headline: RESTAURANT BOSS SHOCKED AT SIZE OF MARKER PENS PACKAGING Like this:Like Loading…

Like Radio 4 Listeners

The last time I tinkered ever so slightly with the layout of PooterGeek the email and comment complaints were such that I gave up and returned to the current look. This is something like the fourth design of PG since it started five years ago, but when I changed it previously there were no readers […]

Where The Wind Comes Sweepin’ Down The Plain

Scientific research has confirmed that, finally, everything is on the Internet. This woman sells $40 000-worth of tumbleweed a year online. Does the phrase “organic tumbleweed farm” make you think of tanned hippie chicks and hippie fellas on mountain bikes corralling rolling bushes into enclosures as swirls of dust drift across the prairie around them? It […]

Rent Boys

A. N. Wilson has been writting cobblers for years. What disturbs me now is that The New York Times seems to be willing to pay him to write cobblers in its pages. Over at Tom Hamilton’s place there’s some more nonsense from Wilson. While you’re at Davos Newbies, I also recommend that you read the […]

Rampant Rockets

I suppose that if you’re Wonder Woman then Ann Summers doesn’t stock anything that’s quite up to the job. Like this:Like Loading…

Missed Opportunity

Dave lives in Brighton and has a blog and I think I’ve been out for a drink with him—or rather his posse—on a couple of occasions. The only reason I know he has a blog is that he recently commented on Andrew’s. When I found Dave’s site I had a browse and found that he […]

Excellent E-cards

Some E-cards carries a dazzling selection of contemporary greetings. I particularly liked this one, this one, this one, this one, and this one. Like this:Like Loading…

Only Me!

photo by Osito Tai I’m not dead, just busy. There’ll be something new here tomorrow—probably. Like this:Like Loading…

Photographic Evidence

Just to prove I didn’t make it up, here’s a screencap courtesy of a Newcastle Utd discussion board: [click to enlarge] And there’s softcore panda porn over on the BBC News Website: The look on Bai Yun’s face—“female panda in heat finally gets seen to by toy boy bear”—is hilarious. Like this:Like Loading…

They’re On A Mission To Explain And They’re Bringing The Pain

Am I hallucinating? Are any of you lot seeing this too? Right now Jeremy Vine is wearing a Harry Hill shirt and dancing to hip-hop next to a holographic Menzies Campbell. The caption behind him reads “MING’S BLING”. Has BBC Election Special turned into The Day Today? UPDATE: Iain Duncan Smith has just said of […]

Merciless Minging

The Ugly modelling agency provides “interesting” looking people for advertising and other media purposes. Cleverly, they have a Website to match: distracting background images, Comic sans fonts, horrid layouts—they got ‘em all. Like this:Like Loading…


I love voting. So should you. If you don’t like the choice on offer to you then you should stand for election yourself or go along to your polling centre and spoil your ballot paper—spoilt papers have to be counted. If you can’t be bothered to do any of these things then the rest of […]

Stars In Your Eyes

If, like me, you are a Pisces, you’ll be concerned by the news in the astrology column of this week’s Brighton & Hove Leader that “Mars is tense close to Uranus”. Like this:Like Loading…

WedPhotBlog Update

Despite my general slackness, the Wedding Photography Blog is now in the UK top ten for the search terms “photography blog“. Thank you to everyone who helped to put it where it is. People are therefore now offering me stuff (including hard cash) in return for my linking to them, but I am, for the […]

Another One For The Roll

I’ve added Olly’s Onions to my blogroll. Recently I enjoyed these posts from the site. Like this:Like Loading…

Join The Revolution

If you are a fed up with Windows and/or would like to try out Linux, one of the best and most popular free and open alternatives, then now is a better time than ever. Yesterday Dell confirmed that they would be pre-installing Ubuntu, one of the friendliest forms of the operating system, on some of […]

Size Matters

I used to work for a Professor whose academic homepage listed among his interests “sperm production”. If you want evidence that female animals can be as promiscuous as male animals you should have a browse through the literature on sperm competition. In the case of ducks, that promiscuity is not necessarily the females’ choice, so […]

Guest Post By John Hack, The Voice Of The Media

Five more Muslims are gaoled, pathetic fantasists whose fundamental freedoms have been curtailed solely on the basis of their alleged intention to avenge Britain’s ongoing crusade against their deeply-held beliefs in Iraq. Yet, as we know only too well, only a matter of months ago real militants escaped the new, intrusive powers of this country’s […]

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