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For Grandma And Grandpa Geek

One of the places I went away to was my sister’s, where our parents had a dinner to celebrate their 40th wedding anniversary. I took this the next day after mum and dad had gone back home. In the front is Maisie, my niece; holding her is my sister Clare; the blur in the background […]

Yeah, Busy Again

My apologies to people who are waiting for email replies and blog content and other things. I’ve been away and out and I’ll probably begin to catch up with my email backlog on Wednesday. Like this:Like Loading…

Latest News From The Department Of The Bleedin’ Obvious

Legal drugs, like illegal drugs, have drug-like effects on the brain. Apparently, by performing post-mortems on them it’s possible to reveal biochemical changes in their bodies that suggest that regular smokers develop a physical addiction. Like this:Like Loading…

Raising Hell

In 2004 a US teenager murdered a homeless man. The teenager blamed his actions on his having played violent video games. Penny Arcade is a blog comic about video games. Gabe, one of its authors wrote a response to the story that ironically(?) blamed the kid’s parents. Gabe then received an extraordinary letter from a […]

Evolutionary Arms Race Update

Meanwhile, embarrassed by the cats, the chimpanzees get in on the act [requires free registration]. (Note that most of the chimp spear-carriers are female.) Like this:Like Loading…

An Abomination Unto The Lord

Hak Mao links to a cat with 26 toes. What she doesn’t mention in her blog post is that further down that article is the terrifying news that some cats have evolved opposable thumbs. People are worried about genetically modified potatoes when we are sharing this planet with a sub-population of Felis catus that can […]

Gordzilla: Final Wars

Andrew Skudder might be cunning, but Gordon Brown is as cunning as the Fox’s Glacier Mints Professor of Cunning at Cunning University, Scotchland. Who better for him to challenge him for the leadership of the Labour Party than the elected face of conspiracy theory Michael Meacher? One quick phone call from Brown to George W […]

Yet Another Test Post

If this entry also appears at Bloggers4Labour then thanks to Andrew Regan, the evil genius behind that site, and to the cunning Andrew Skudder for restoring PooterGeek’s feed to the collective. UPDATE: I’m boring, I’m beige, I’m back, and my pants are as tight as a Scissor Sisters track. Like this:Like Loading…

Intensive Care

Over the past few years, both here and elsewhere, I have from time to time suggested that Robbie Williams is an individual of limited talent whose output has consisted mainly of hamfisted pastiche, northern English karaoke of the sort that belongs alongside the deliberately lighthearted performances of stand-up comedian Peter Kay rather than next to […]

A PooterGeek Appeal

I’ve been staying at my parents’ this weekend—thanks, folks—while I’ve been attending the National Wedding Show [of which more soon at the Wedding Photography Blog]. The show was on at the National Exhibition Centre, round the corner from their place. As a boy I never imagined that I’d grow up to spend working Saturdays, for […]


I’m no wildlife photographer and I know this kind of thing has been done before, but I doubt if it’s been done much better than this. Like this:Like Loading…

Bald Men To Fight Over Comb

Seriously. Like this:Like Loading…

The Peak District Massive

My sister has done her share of lecturing and teaching in some of England and Wales’s less illustrious educational institutions. Now (as I have bragged before on her behalf) she teaches law in the sixth form of one of the best state schools in the country. The school is so good she and her family […]

Reach For The Pie

I’m sitting here eating a microwaved vegetable biryani in front of my computer, having returned from a Ginsters-fuelled morning shoot of a band at Shoreham Airport, a cute, art deco building surrounded by dodgy Italian mopeds of the sky—not just propellor aircraft that look like they are powered by elastic bands, but helicopters that were […]


Yesterday I had two meetings in London, so I spent a bit of time on the Tube. I am fascinated by posters on the Underground. There’s an hilariously “retro” one for the Cyprus tourist board up at the moment that I imagine being devised by two sideburned ad execs, fresh from lunch in the pub […]

Poot Toots

Richard Brincklow leads a jazz trio called Sesame Forum. They have a Sunday afternoon residency at The Brunswick in Brighton. The weekend after next, The Brunswick is hosting a jazz festival, featuring people who you might have heard of, like Liane Carroll, who won Best Vocalist Award at the 2006 British Jazz Awards and is […]


I’m in Dixons, buying a new computer keyboard. What sounds like a competent cover version of Starship’s We Built This City is playing. For a moment I wonder if it’s the start of one of those godawful trance retreads of 80s guitar hits. You know the sort of thing: Owner Of A Lonely Heart/Max […]

Shocking Revelations About David Cameron’s Schooldays

Despite attending The Best School in England™, the Leader of the Opposition only managed four As, five Bs, and a C in his ‘O’ levels. Like this:Like Loading…

See How They Run

Sorry it’s been quiet here. I’ve been busy and ill (again). There’s always The Brighton Argus to cheer me up though. And its front cover story today is about a “masked raider” being identified by his distinctive smell. Like this:Like Loading…

And Another

I don’t have a TV, but that doesn’t mean I don’t watch it. Having trained myself out of treating television broadcasts as audiovisual wallpaper, whenever I visit friends or relatives and there’s a TV on in the background I have to make a huge effort not to be hypnotized by it. The main reason I […]

Another Diversion

So there’s no new content here, but qwghlm is back with an excellent, funny post about ads attacking movie “piracy”. (I’m not sure why he’s so down on the first “viral” video though.) Like this:Like Loading…

Yeah, I’m Busy

Go look at some food porn [shouty, but safe for work and potentially arousing to all sexes and orientations]. Like this:Like Loading…

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