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Hello Sullivanians and welcome to PooterGeek. There’s more of my stuff at The Wedding Photography Blog. If you’re getting married in 2007 or you just want a photographer then contact me via my professional site, Yes, I will travel to your country club in Westchester County to record your New York Times-featured, Cecil B DeMille-scale engagement […]

Horror Double-Bill

First you can watch the “killer attack on the bees” photo-story. Then you can see a video of what happens to Tickle-Me Elmo TMX (a toy that amused my nephew and niece this Christmas) when he is set on fire: he keeps on laughing while the flames are a-lapping. Like this:Like Loading…

The Lynx Effect

Once again this year the members of my family, both biological and legal, were generous with their hospitality and presents. My thanks to them all. They are good to me despite having lived with me through that stage in my life when I wore far too much of some nasty aftershaves. Most of my family […]

Surely This Is A Spoof?

Watching grim news reports from Iraq lately, many people have hoped that the ongoing suffering of its people might be put into proper perspective by a funny-looking Italian bloke clowning around Baghdad in retro underwear. At last that dream has come true. Sentimentality, slapstick, glib geopolitics, and cut-and-paste ethnic colour. On the evidence of this […]

Not Gay Trousers

Heaven knows why he chose me, but I have been asked by its proprietor to direct some PooterGeek Google karma in the direction of this “queer shirts’n’gifts” site:, a shop that proves there’s more to LGBT apparel than rainbows. Apropos of nothing, I invite you to marvel at one of my niece Maisie’s Christmas […]

Gloriously Unsound

Happy Christmas, one and all! No content from me today, but the trailer for this movie looks like it will have something to offend everyone. Like this:Like Loading…

The Logic Of My Life

[stolen from here] Like this:Like Loading…

Geek Music Rant

If you can YouTube and you aren’t tone deaf then I guarantee you will enjoy this. (The guy performing reminds me of my guitar teacher who would liven up lessons by reducing the entire career of any artist I named to a needle-sharp one-minute musical pastiche. Much as I admire the songwriting of The Police […]

Panic At The 80s Disco

According to ITVNews the somewhat erratic former superstar and object of Osama’s lust Whitney Houston “is convinced that the 21-year-old [X-Factor TV talent show winner Leona] will be an international superstar and has even offered to mentor her.” Sister, you need Whitney Houston as a mentor like you need Michael Jackson as a babysitter. Like […]

Demos Appoints New Director. English Language Surrenders.

Following the Madeleine Bunting farce, Demos is keen to emphasise the academic credentials of her replacement. Accordingly Demos’s press release announcing the appointment of Catherine Fieschi makes more references to her PhD than if it had been written by the cover designer of a self-help book. It also quotes her reaction to getting the job. […]

Making A Connection

According to The Times: [DAVID] IRVING ATTACKS AUSTRIA AFTER BAN Surely he knows enough history to have arranged for some of his far-Right friends inside the country to organise a peaceful takeover instead? Like this:Like Loading…

Today Britain. Tomorrow The World!

Despite my slack posting there, in the few months since I started it The Wedding Photography Blog has gone to number two hit on Yahoo UK for the search terms “wedding photography“. This is amazing even to me. If you linked to it then thank you. I must extend special gratitude to the anti-Euston Manifesto obsessive […]

Clear Blue Water

First there was my shaking hands with Thatch. Then there were the disagreements about common ownership of the means of production. Now I’ve been linked by the Adam Smith Institute’s blog. My dad’s never going to talk to me again. Like this:Like Loading…

Parisians Rude. Japanese Surrender.

It’s true, I tell you. Like this:Like Loading…

Show No Mercy

Their Website‘s tagline could be the most horrible “high concept” conceivable today: “Web 2.0 Reality TV” Their banner photo features a twentysomething in thick-black-rimmed retrospectacles and casual wear carrying a pile of chuggable soft drinks. Their About page contains the following phrases: “captures the promise, the perils, the pride, the pressure, the pain and pitfalls […]

Why Rock Pigs Have Groupies And Music Critics Don’t

According to Technorati, one of the most listened-to albums of the moment is Hinder’s Extreme Behaviour. The cover features a red-lingerie-clad cleavage and a PARENTAL ADVISORY: EXPLICIT CONTENT sticker. It’s trying harder than a small-town 14-year-old with a bum-fluff beard, hanging around outside Happy Shopper waving a spliff and a can of lager. To my […]

In With A Bullet

In the latest edition of your super soaraway Foreign Policy there is, shockingly, a year’s-end top ten. Those crazy dudes at FP—bringing you close-up views of the hottest international relations—have collected the most significant “Stories You Missed in 2006″ and they are grimly interesting, including for example India helping Iran to build the bomb and […]


But I’ll believe almost anything of the world of the media. Read the tale of OJ and Judith and Rupert before it disappears behind the New York Times‘ subscription wall. Like this:Like Loading…

Lembit Opik Is A Media Construct

I refuse to believe that this man exists. Like this:Like Loading…

Mantel Piece

Hilary Mantel is a novelist. I haven’t read any of her books. I have read her review of magician Derren Brown’s Tricks Of The Mind in yesterday’s Guardian. Near the end of her mostly negative assessment she tries to set up a weak joke: she “hopes” that “no intellectual snobbery” will prevent Richard Dawkins from […]


In the hope of hoovering up enough batshit crazy nonsense for a quick and easy blog post I visited the BBC “Have Your Say” page that asked “What is your reaction to Lord Stevens’ inquiry in to the death of Diana, Princess of Wales?”. To my amazement most of the answers from members of the […]

Lying Neocons

In September 2005 Harry of the Place blogged “for the last time”. Since then he’s contributed tens more posts to the site that bears his nom de guerre, thirteen of them in the month following his “retirement”. On 1 December 2006 Oliver Kamm wished his readers a happy new year and announced the closure of […]

Parachute Pants

hammertime 2 —originally uploaded by gigiagius. Fresh from Iran’s Holocaust conference here’s a screen capture from a revisionist film showing the Nazis for the fun-loving japesters they really were. (And this is neat.) Like this:Like Loading…

Just Don’t Ask Me Why

If you are reading this and you are planning to get or give a kitten as a Christmas present please email me. Like this:Like Loading…

Fighting Sexism

It appears that there is a serial killer murdering prostitutes in Suffolk. Jeremy Vine has just been interviewing Frances Curran, Scottish Socialist Party Member of the Scottish Parliament for the West of Scotland on BBC Radio 2. She argued that the victims should not be referred to in the media as “prostitutes” because this “invites a judgment” […]

Brian Blessed Knew His Father

Gerard Butler spends almost all of the trailer for the upcoming 300 SHOUTING HIS BEARD OFF. Like this:Like Loading…

Bag Lady

Having moved out of her previous residence, Grammar Puss is blogging again at last, hanging around on street-corners, and scrounging bandwidth from passers-by. Like this:Like Loading…

Free As A Bird

You’ve probably seen this one already because it was on Metafilter and has been going around for a couple of days. I found it via Mick Hartley. If you haven’t yet done so, hop to the Surrey Comet Website, where readers have been invited to comment on a story about how town centre managers have […]


I’ve just returned from another boozy early evening exhibition party. One of the exhibitors is a painter who does portraits from photographs so it was business as well as pleasure. When things finally started winding down, the last people standing were three gay guys, the hostess, one other woman, and me. At that point the […]

Tri-band Mobile

If you are familiar with the official French attitude* to the use of English in academic (and other cultural) settings, the appearance of a state-funded TV station, “France 24″, with an English-language feed might surprise you. It did me when I watched one of their online English-language video ads a few days ago. They also broadcast […]

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