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The Not-Very-Surprising-At-All Sulk

“The result is not fair.“ —Chelsea manager Jose Mourinho on scraping a one-all draw at home to Villa today “Blobby stick!“ —PooterGeek on the same final score Like this:Like Loading…

Tipulidae Attack!

Daddy-long-legs invasion now threatens Europe. Like this:Like Loading…

Apologies And Hugs

Yesterday PooterGeek was down (and I couldn’t read my email) for quite a while beause someone “compromised” the server it’s hosted on. Sorry about that. It wasn’t my fault. I’ve been very busy lately so there’s not been much to read here anyway. This is sweet—if you don’t mind the grungey soundtrack. I am also […]

Trenchcoat Warfare

This description of comics conventions is over five years old, but it’s still funny. Like this:Like Loading…


This morning, as I checked my GoogleMail, the all-seeing GoogleBrain read my correspondence and decided that I needed to be directed to the portal for recently divorced or bereaved men: “Wife’sGone.Com“, whose general message seems to be: “Okay, so you don’t have a missus any more, but at least you can afford to buy some […]


Thanks to Gur Hirshburg for pointing out that music on the site I linked to a couple of days ago is track number 15 on Chava Alberstein’s Songs Of My Beloved Country, the poignant Ballad Of The Horse With A Spot On His Forehead. Like this:Like Loading…

Those Beige People All Look The Same

This morning the half-Sri Lankan guy who runs the computer shop mistook me for the half-Indian guy who runs the café. Like this:Like Loading…

I Blame The Jews [requires Flash and a noisy office] Like this:Like Loading…

Dude Central

Jeff Bridges is a quirky and talented actor. He has also an interesting Website. Like me he puts his music and his photographs and his bad jokes online. Unlike me he’s a hugely successful Hollywood superstar with great hair. Check out his urinal endorsement. Nicole Kidman’s not going to be doing an ad for Armitage […]

Ungulating Landscape

Snopes usually only publishes striking images to debunk them, but sometimes the truth really is out there. Look at the camels. Like this:Like Loading…

Puerile, I Know

All the women reading this must now punish me in the comments here for giggling like a schoolboy at Jo Salmon’s Star Wars blog post yesterday, in which she actually resorted to the “lesbian-interrupted-by-the-plumber” plotline beloved of another cinematic sub-genre. Spank me, girls. Like this:Like Loading…

Killer One-Two

The original blog post was okay, but read on to enjoy the knocking out of James C in the comments beneath it by the flying fists of Tim Worstall and dearieme. I’m late to this, I know, but via Drunkenblogging, I read another example of inverted bigotry, even more extreme than James C’s: Muhammad Abdul […]


In the small ads of a musicians’ magazine I subscribe to this month I read the following: Gospel music like you’ve never heard it before! Totally FREE full song downloads. Having listened to it [MP3, 3.3 Mb], I’d say the description is accurate. Like this:Like Loading…

Clash Of The Sky Fairies

At 11:28 BST the top two headlines on UK Google News were: The Daily Mail: THE POPE MUST DIE, SAYS MUSLIM The Guardian: MIXED RESPONSE TO NEW POPE APOLOGY Like this:Like Loading…

Testy Aliens

If I’d thought about it for a second before, I’d have guessed that there were blogs written in Klingon, but I do like that the first one I’ve actually “read” is called “bo logh“. Like this:Like Loading…

Honestly, I’m Completely Straight

If you are a middle-aged man then two things are going to happen to your hair soon: it’s going to fall out and it’s going to turn grey. My dad managed to escape both of these until he reached 60 years of age, but everyone accused him (unfairly) of using Grecian 2000, so he didn’t […]

Andrew Marr In Interracial Sex Shocker

I have a gorgeous twentysomething friend “of Punjabi descent” who nurtures a secret love for former BBC political correspondent and Radio 4 culture vulture Andrew Marr: Yes, that’s Radiohead lead singer Thom Yorke’s babyfather Andrew Marr: Thanks to the certifiable “I Am An Englishman” I can reveal that her secret love is likely to be […]

Yes, It’s Bloody Safe

It’s the sound of ball bearings grinding against fragments of broken glass on a wet pavement. It’s being wired straight into my jaw in full-frequency Dolby surround. Yes it hurts, but if I didn’t have a face full of lidocaine I’d be squealing like a pig in a combine harvester. There’s a man with his […]

Sorry For The Silence

I’ve been tied up with lots of chores. Over the last couple of days these have included a massive computer backup and installathon and having a tooth I broke and had patched up years ago repaired. Read Bagrec, with one of several blog posts I’ve noticed lately about the fruitcakery following in the wake of […]

And Still Three More

Blogspot Lefties Mars Hill, Muscular Liberals, and software whizz Tim Almond join the Geekroll. And, somehow, newly-hitched Tim Newman’s White Sun of the Desert slipped off. It’s back now. Like this:Like Loading…


Those of you who didn’t know it already will not be surprised to learn that there is a Finnish symphonic rock outfit called Nightwish. They have recently sacked their soprano lead, so, if that’s your bag, now’s your chance to put on your horned helmet and boob-armour and record a demo for them. This YouTube […]

Ask A Silly Question

There’s no longer any need for you to give a dumb answer to post here because—as Jo, I, and others have noticed—SpamQuiz doesn’t do what it says on the tin. I have deactivated it. For Jo and anyone else’s information the plug-in that displays the latest comments and trackbacks over on the right hand side […]

Ad-vice For Entrepreneurs

From The Daily Telegraph: A solicitor who enjoyed a flamboyant lifestyle by living off the earnings of prostitution has been jailed for 12 months. Davy Tang, 42, a father of two, was able to buy a large country house, a Porsche, a Mercedes and a BMW, as well as jewellery worth £9,000 with his cut […]


Wikipedia will eventually triumph over all other existing encyclopedias. Does any edition of Britannica or Encarta have a “List of films ordered by the use of the word ‘fuck’“? Yesterday’s featured article was about philosopher and socialist Hilary Putnam, who is the Putnam in the “Quine-Putnam indispensability thesis” and definitely my kind of thinker. (By […]

And Still One More

Because I linked to Skuds fairly early on in his blogging career I forgot that I hadn’t put him on the blogroll. He’s there now. I’ve met Skuds. I wouldn’t say he’s hard, but he looks like a young Brian Dennehy with a buzz cut, his 14-year-old daughter has been photographed by two newspapers dressed […]


Commenters here might have noticed that, this week, PooterGeek acquired a new CAPTCHA, that is a test to check that you are, er, “human” before your comment is accepted by the system. It’s to discourage spammers from clogging up this blog with links to their poker, porn, and Viagra sites. The PooterGeek CAPTCHA is basic: […]

And Another

The Wedding Photography Blog is back—sort of. Link to it and, as soon as you let me know, I guarantee I’ll link to you in return—unless your Website flogs snuff videos or something. Like this:Like Loading…

Missed One

Welsh non-dragon Suw Charman doesn’t write very often, but she’s interesting when she does and she fought my corner against ruthless streetcorner pushers Antoine and Jackie in the 2006 drug wars. Now she’s joined the other newcomers on my blogroll. Like this:Like Loading…

Inverse Convergence

As digital processing drives photographs to become less and less like the things they record, so digital illustration drives images to become more and more like the things they don’t. [The blog I link to has a strange layout. You’ll have scroll down the right-hand-side strip of content to see thumbnails of the dazzling pictures […]

Guest Post: The Truth About Empire

PooterGeek brings you more linkiness with this report from John Pilger, writing for The Sports Offensive, ed. Jim Campbell. John Pilger travels to a Galaxy Far Far Away and discovers the reality behind the media distortions I am in Coruscant, capital of the “evil” and “corrupt” Galactic Empire. According to the propagandists of the Rebel […]

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