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(Slight Return)

Posting will probably be a bit irregular this week because I’m still busy, but comments are now back on. Like this:Like Loading…

Babes Of Biology: No. 2

Having read an article I wrote reviewing bioinformatics courses in the UK, and despite my honest warnings, Wei applied to be a student on one I once taught on. Because the admissions office at [insert name of educational institution easily obtained by googling] failed to process her paperwork properly she had to make do with […]

Temporary Shutdown

I’m closing down PooterGeek for a few days. I’ve got things to do. Like this:Like Loading…

A Clarification

Following this news, I’d just like to point out that the photograph of Ms Knightley accompanying this PooterGeek post should have been captioned “Keira—who ate all the pies?” Like this:Like Loading…

The Onion Does Le Tour

Following Blognor Regis’s coverage of the Hollywood-style comeback of Floyd Landis in the Tour, I did a Google News search for the latest and I found this real story from the online version of The Gainsville Sun: LACK OF LANCE HURTS AREA INTEREST By Elizabeth Hillaker Special to the Sun July 21. 2006 6:01AM As the Tour […]

Test Drive The New Volkswagen Pantheon

One of PooterGeek’s current side projects is The New Uxbridge Encyclopedia Of The Classical World, a vital and relevant guide to what has often been dismissed as a dead discipline, specifically designed to appeal to comprehensive school pupils. Just like the compilers of the OED, the staff of the NUECW welcome submissions from the general […]

And You Think I Am A Luddite

The technology Karma Police came to visit me this afternoon while I was at the developing lab as I attempted to explain to one of the Young People, the holder of a degree in photography attained with the exclusive use of a manual medium format camera, how to operate a 35mm film SLR. I hope […]

Something You Don’t Want To See As You Ride Your Train To London

[via The (normally very geeky) Daily WTF] Like this:Like Loading…

The Evidence-Based Politics Of Envy

Further to my recent post about executive salaries, here’s an article from Tuesday about how the tech firms that pay their CEOs the most give the lowest returns to investors. [via Slashdot] Like this:Like Loading…

Hot Wheels In Hot Pants

Sorry it’s been quiet. I’ve been working my way through hundreds of photo scans. Once I’ve finished I’ll be back in action here and on the Wedding Photography Blog. In the meantime I couldn’t help but notice something familiar about one of the snaps I took on the river in Cambridge at Hot Wheels Helena‘s […]

The Real Price Of Real Talent

Whenever some clueless line-toeing “executive” is asked to justify the absurd salaries that he and his peers vote one another, he usually wibbles on that you have to pay “the going rate” to attract the best talent or that huge “packages” are the only way to offset the risks inherent in working in today’s “entrepreneurial” […]

A Missionary Writes Of The Savages

“I also have a problem with the discourse of planned/unplanned pregnancy in this context. Planned/unplanned assumes young women have agency, that they can choose what happens to them, that pregnancies are either accidents or overtly desired. In fact, for these young women, pregnancy will be one more in a string of things that just happens […]

Bush And Blair Burn Up The Mic [Uncut]

Via Normblog I read the Times‘ transcript of an accidentally broadcast conversation between George W. Bush and Tony Blair at the G8 summit. By downloading the original recording and processing it with various digital sound programs I have been able to reconstruct the inaudible parts of the exchange. Here I present the full transcript, with […]


Coca-Cola Germany’s customer care service is called the “Coke Line”. Like this:Like Loading…

The Stupider Party

Today’s Economist reveals that one of the few Conservative parties in the European Parliament prepared to line up with David Cameron over the creation of a new Right grouping is the Polish Law and Justice Party, known by the acronym “PiS”. Its leader recently tried to stop a gay rights march in Warsaw. It wants […]

Now I’m In Business

Currently my photography work is booming—so much so that I don’t even have time to tart up my commercial Website as I have been planning to for months. I’d like to thank all the PooterGeekers who have helped me get to this stage. Whether the flow of jobs will continue to the extent that I […]

Feckless Breeders

The Anonymous Economist sends me this fascinating article from the New York Times: LAST week, New York’s highest court voted 4-to-2 that a legislative ban on same-sex marriage did not violate the state Constitution. In doing so, it added to the patchwork of state rulings on the issue, including those of Indiana and Arizona (which […]


Marvel at this unintentionally revealing Guardian story about the lengths middle-class parents go to to get their children into church schools. It opens with a Jewish mother admitting that she feels hypocritical attending Church of England services so that her two kids can get into the local church school. At least she is honest about […]

Fear The Gobblers!

Today’s featured Wikipedia article reveals that velociraptors were probably covered in feathers, stupider than cats, and the size of turkeys. Once again scientific accuracy ruins a fun night out at the cinema. Like this:Like Loading…

The Advantages Of Tunnel Vision

I used to work in a scientific research group where lots of light microscopy was done, a place where I was once instructed by my boss—who also happened to be the departmental sexual harassment officer—to spend a summer afternoon locked in a tiny darkroom with two attractive female medical students and show them how to […]

It’s Like Watching…

Isolated a talented striker up front. Lost possession cheaply. Couldn’t score from open play. Vulnerable defending set-pieces. Star player sent off for violent conduct. Beaten on penalties. Who says England weren’t in the World Cup final? Like this:Like Loading…

How To Win Votes And Influence People

Dear Candidate If you want to be selected as the MP for the notoriously geeky and principled Cambridge constituency, spamming Labour Party members with your CV attached as a Word document sent from your work email account is not a good way to start. all the best PG Like this:Like Loading…

Shrinking England

Via the Rubbish Man I came upon this. Despite the inherent wrongness of psychoanalysis, it’s rather a good read: “England’s repeated failure in penalty shoot-outs is not down to bad fortune, as the English media, with its empiricist presuppositions, insists. To lose once might be an accident, but to lose five times demands a psychoanalytic […]


In its purest forms, capitalism can be ugly, like Mogadishu, or beautiful, like easyPizza. (Read more about The Stelios Way here.) Like this:Like Loading…

Reading Frenzy

The PooterGeek site is being spanked like a cabinet minister at an upmarket brothel these days. Since about a month ago the number of hits it’s been taking each hour has jumped sharply. I honestly don’t have an explanation for it, especially as my work these days inevitably comes in bursts and requires me to […]

That London Olympics Line-Up In Full

Following Britain’s torrid summer of sporting failure, the organising committee has radically revised the programme for the 2012 Olympics. Here, in alphabetical order, are the new events you’ll be able to enjoy: Binge Drinking Camp Cat Blogging Connery Imperschonating Crazy Golf Croquet Doggy Paddle Druidism English Rules Schadenfreude Extreme Ironing Extreme Irony Fencing (And Decking) […]

Beige Girl In Space

Back here I complained that Dr Who was currently prettier than his assistant. Clearly someone at the BBC has been paying attention. Here’s one of several poorly lit publicity photos* of David Tennant and his new sidekick, half-Iranian, half-Ghanian Freema Agyeman: Having failed to heed the make-up artist’s warnings, David and Freema discover the hard […]

Blending In

Imagine what it’s like trying to find anything around his place. Like this:Like Loading…

Social Engineering Update

Via Lee Gregory: “WORLD FIRST AS TRISH LAW TAKES ASSEMBLY SEAT Jul 5 2006 Martin Shipton, Western Mail AS TRISH LAW took her seat in the National Assembly yesterday after winning the Blaenau Gwent by-election, Wales became the first legislature in the world with more women than men. It is supremely ironic that the row […]

Fat Isn’t A Feminist Issue

Two special Ks from the Beeb’s Pirates Of The Caribbean 2 première gallery: Kelly—a figure lusted after by many men Keira—a figure aspired to by many women I used to work with a bright, attractive, independent woman. She even maintained her own classic car. (She’s the only female I’ve ever met who owned her own […]

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