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Dipole Moment

Bloke with blog says more interesting things in one post about pressure group Compass than you would find in all of their Chair Neal Lawson’s newspaper articles to date combined. If you want to sample some of accessible, inclusive, anti-big business Compass’s blue-skies thinking then pop along to their Website and download one of their […]

The People Have Spoken, Bless ‘Em

I opposed black sections in the Labour Party. I oppose all-women short lists. In any union or party election where I am given a vote and my choice of candidate has been pre-determined by race or sex I make a point of spoiling my ballot paper. There are no exceptions to my anti-racism and anti-sexism. […]

La Nausée

A service station just off the Fifth Circle of Hell, very early in the morning, somewhere around the peak hour for suicide attempts: My journey time has been tripled by the closure of relevant sections of the M11 and the M25. The woman who lives in my sat nav has been asked to re-calculate the […]

Is It The Trousers?

I received some fan mail yesterday from someone telling me how much his attention was grabbed by “PoofterGeek”. Like this:Like Loading…

From The 70s To The 80s

Here are two of the scariest things I ever saw on national TV, in the days when I watched it. The Black And White Minstrel Show: a once-popular entertainment featuring some white people who couldn’t dance very well and who wanted to look like black people (temporarily) Michael Jackson’s Thriller: Image excerpt provided by Clipland […]

More Totally Awesome Snakes On A Plane News

Trevor Rabin, 80s hair-guitarist-with-pretensions and the man who wrote Owner Of A Lonely Heart (one of the greatest pop singles of all time) while sitting on his toilet, has scored the orchestral music for Snakes On A Plane! Does it get any better than this? The film is so important to me now that I […]

Idle Hands

On a similar subject, right now I am looking forward to an evening of catching up with accumulated Euston Manifesto email. I should point out that, contrary to the impression you might get from reading PooterGeek, the vast majority of it isn’t from cranks. This is, in one sense, slightly disappointing. Mail from nutters is […]

Open Letter

Dear Keith Flett If I promise to set you up with your own blog, will you promise never to write to a newspaper again? Yours sincerely Damian Counsell Brighton & Hove Like this:Like Loading…

How To Make A Guardian Reader’s Head Explode

Be coloured. Approach a bearded white man who’s standing outside Waitrose supermarket brandishing a “BOYCOTT ISRAELI APARTHEID” poster. As he is handing out leaflets, tell him in a hurt voice with a posh-African accent*, “You people have no idea of what apartheid was like!” Brush fragments of his skull off your T-shirt. [Before I told […]


“Some of you may recall that, back in April, I spent a few moments expressing my distaste for the ‘Euston Manifesto’. Today, thanks to a little playing on Technorati, I discovered that some other blog has, instead of discussing the post in my comments section or sending me an e-mail, taken chunks of the post […]

PooterGeek Links To Bestial Nazi PhotoBlog

I realise I’m somewhat behind the wave on this, but, for those of you who haven’t seen it yet, thanks to Hot Wheels Helena for “Cats That Look Like Hitler“. Like this:Like Loading…

Apologies To Everyone

Yesterday I was away helping Jackie Danicki with her rather good “What MySpace Means” event—and arguing with her fiancé about drug advertising, and meeting up with the Anonymous Economist to have the same argument again—so didn’t get back to DunGeekin’ until 2 o’clock this morning. As a result I am now behind with everything, including […]

PRESS RELEASE: Paris Hilton Appointed New Vice-Chancellor Of Cambridge University

12:00 NOON, 20 JUNE 2006, CAMBRIDGE, ENGLAND The University of Cambridge (est. 1209) is proud to announce news that will bring together the previously too-distant worlds of celebrity and academia in dynamic and ground breaking ways: from Michaelmas term 2006, Paris Whitney Hilton, hotel heiress and celebutante, will be our new Vice-Chancellor. “The crowning of […]

Will Blog For Links

Thanks to Norm, for linking to The Wedding Photography Blog. It reminded me of something I should have mentioned in my previous post. If you enjoy PooterGeek and have a blog or a Website then one way you could thank me for the free entertainment would be to put the words “wedding photographer” or “wedding […]

Mad Marketing

I’ve started another blog: The Wedding Photography Blog. To begin with there won’t be much there that’s new to PooterGeek readers: it’s an advert for my photography services. You will have seen many of the photos on show here or on my other sites like My initial aim is to elevate Sepial’s Google karma […]

Not Araucaria

I’m not very good at crossword puzzles. My dad, however, was schooled by Jesuits, did classics at university, taught English for decades, and collects useless information. If you wanted to build an elite special forces crossword-solving unit then that is probably how you would train its members. Since he is a connoisseur of the biggest […]


This video of a guy playing Pachelbel’s Canon on his electric guitar starts sedately enough, but after a minute you’ll have one foot propped up on your PC base unit and a window open so that the breeze blows through the cascading ringlets of your bubble-perm wig. For some reason the guitarist keeps his face […]

When Humourless Lefties Attack

After you’ve read this blog’s harmless and amusing comparison of real college life with co-ed porn movies, check out the comments, where, for no immediately obvious reason, a visitor launches an irrelevant tirade about, well, you can probably fill in the rest if I reproduce the last couple of sentences: “I hope those Iraqis kick […]

Comedy Duo

The Agnostic Monk manages both the easy task of being funny about the performance of England’s football team yesterday, and the harder task of being funny about a man being shot seven times in the legs, though in this he gets lots of help from The New York Times. Like this:Like Loading…

Australian Fans Of Musical Theatre Versus Anastacian Fans Of Shouty Woman

It’s good to see that some people have a sense of humour where their heroes are concerned. Like this:Like Loading…

How Cool Is This Man?

I’ve just had one of those “ain’t life sweet?” moments: finally, after a long hot drive home from my parents’, I got to eat my dinner whilst I listened to the BBC Radio 4 Front Row special about musician and producer Quincy Jones. Asked about his famous Las Vegas live recording with Frank Sinatra, he begins: […]

At Home With The Geek

World domination. It’s not what it used to be. Sharks, lasers, death rays, golf carts driven by chicks in jumpsuits? Get with the program, people! Picture this: a lovable retired university professor in an Australia T-shirt. He walks into a pub, talks to you about cricket, human rights, and before you know it you’ve invaded […]

For England!

While I’m on the subject of real racism, this is a perfect time to bring up again the matter of “rhetorical racism”: the kind of racism some ascribe to those who have the nerve to disagree with them or merely to offend their refined aesthetics. Working class people who put England flags on their cars, […]

Hello, Loser

Right now, an annoying racist brat is trying to leave abusive comments on PooterGeek—my favourite so far: “niggers stink of shit”. Well, this nigger’s shit hot with UNIX. If you’re reading this, mate, I already know what school you attend and the name of your head of year. She is going to ring me back […]

Lightbulb Moment

This is a striking photograph. Like this:Like Loading…

“Here Come The Boys From Brazil, Terry”

They start an international football competition looking horribly over-rated. They lead by a goal from one impressive long shot in the first half, but are made to seem pedestrian in the second as they do their best to defend the slim advantage. Some of their passing is shockingly inaccurate. At least one of their star […]

Another Lovely Irony

In the past 24 hours, Benji has posted multiple comments here at PooterGeek under (at least) four different false identities, all of them sneering about the number of signatories to the Euston Manifesto. I’ve deleted them all now and will continue to do so, but it’s nice that someone cares so much about the EM […]

Putting It Down

manifesto n (pl manifestos, manifestoes) a public written declaration of the intentions, opinions or motives of a leader, party, or body or of a sovereign. The Chambers Dictionary [Norm knows I wrote parts of the following essay a while back and didn’t post them, but it has turned into a kind of companion piece to […]

Pop Culture Observations

There are people in the world who want to smell like Big Brother refugee Jade Goody. Despite his public claims of punk-hood, ex-boyband munchkin and now wannabe rock beast Matt Willis‘s current single [Keeping Me ]Up All Night is a shameless rip-off of 90s Scottish hair-rockers Gun‘s Steal Your Fire. BBC Political Correspondent Terry Stiastny […]

Because It’s There

At medical school, I shared a corpse (whom we christened “Fatima”) with someone who is now a successful cardiologist. Like many of my other peers there, he is the offspring of a doctor. As you’d expect, he was pretty unsqueamish and unflappable, but dissecting hands freaked him out. The rest of a body might puff […]

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