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Testing flickr-Blogging

Originally uploaded by shakingwave. Front bear: “Hey, people, give it up for Eric and Lionel—the amazing breakdancing bears!” Like this:Like Loading…

Women And Money

Further to my two articles about Playboy last year, here and here, those of you who have the requisite plug-in installed might want to watch this smart and very short film by Laurie Anderson. [Provided they let you stream small video files, it’s safe for work.] [via Exploding Aardvark] Like this:Like Loading…

Geek Aesthetics

“Hot Wheels” Helena acquired her nickname because, despite being an Advanced Driver who can cadence-brake, control-gear, and turn into skids with the best of them, she used to get about in an ancient Mini Metro Rover 100—and get me about in it when she was my Genome Campus car-sharing partner. She’s ruined the (weak) joke now by […]


I’m not suffering from Norm’s Blogosphere fatigue—in fact I have got lots I would love to write about—but I really am ridiculously busy at the moment so I am shutting down PooterGeek for a few days. Like this:Like Loading…

Spam Attack!

PooterGeek is under massive and sustained blog spam assault so I am temporarily disabling comments and trackbacks while I look for a solution. Sorry, folks. UPDATE: We’re back in action, people. Bad Behaviour solved the problem. Like this:Like Loading…

Monsieur Henry’s Holiday

An outer London suburb. THIERRY HENRY is behind the wheel of a tricked-out hatchback on his way back from his last training session. Early bebop is playing on the stereo. Despite his obvious tristesse, he is tapping a complex counter-rhythm on the steering wheel. THIERRY pulls up at traffic lights and glances across at a […]

The Last Stand?

A blasted heath on the edge of a backlit forest. Low clouds of mist lap around a natural arena. A figure strides over a hillock into view. It is IAN MCKELLEN. He is wearing a very silly helmet and matching cape. He is in possession of a KNIGHTHOOD and an enormous cheque. IAN MCKELLEN: Patrick! […]

More Advertising

Sorry for the thinness of posting and for the “online poker” comment spam at PooterGeek lately. I have been busy with wedding photography and other photography, attending my nephew’s (godson’s) christening, and catching up with friends—as well as this thing of course. Thank you to PooterGeek readers who have been helping me get business (and […]


Further to the ongoing debate in the comments here about street evangelism, Fark links to the anti-preachers. Like this:Like Loading…


NIGELLA: But it’s my favourite dress! POOTERGEEK: Never mind, it’s only mayonnaise. Look, let me help you with that zip. NIGELLA: Goodness, your fingers are cold. Here, I’ll warm them for you. POOTERGEEK: That’s very kind, but your hands are full. Hey, don’t turn round. I’d almost got that thing… Oh. I see. Gosh. It […]

“Please Don’t Let Your Loved Ones Go To Hell”

No, not about the Euston Manifesto again, this is just some bog-standard fundamentalist religious craziness. You’ll need to have broadband and Macromedia Flash installed and you’ll probably have to lie—click in turn on “HIGH SPEED” and on “YES [I am a Christian]”—to enjoy the full glory of “The Way Of The Master“. It’s truly creepy, […]

“The US Actions In Iraq Are The Same As In Vietnam”

“I will not sign it, because I strongly believe that an “overthrow of Baathist government” cannot be applauded on any level at all if it was not begun and wholly supported by the Iraqi people themselves. The US actions in Iraq are the same as in Vietnam, just on a smaller scale: racism; mass killing […]

“As Disastrous For Humanity As Stalinism, Maoism, And Nazism”

“I am convinced that climate change will be just as disatrous for humanity as Stalinism, Maoism, and Nazism.I am also convinced that in a generation, the shame of our inaction on this issue will be comparable to the Left’s shame over communist ‘apologetics’, and European soul-searching over our inaction during the Holocaust. Global warming is […]

“A Dangerous Pro-Capitalist Tract”

“I have a long and tedious post in the works about The Euston Manifesto and just why it’s a dangerous pro-capitalist tract dressed up as a harmless load of wet western wank (to borrow a phrase from my erstwhile lecturer in political philosophy).” Like this:Like Loading…

“Adolf Hitler”

“The Euston Manifesto calls for nothing short of what happened in 1938 Germany. Placed back in that time, this piece of work would have called for support of the actions of Adolf Hitler.” Like this:Like Loading…

“Are We Right To Deny Other Societies This Learning Process?”

“Actually, on second thoughts, I can’t be arsed criticising any more of this “thing”… it’s simply too easy. There is, however, one aspect of the “manifesto” that ties in with another line of thinking that’s been troubling me… the intolerance of tyranny abroad. I’m the first to agree that there are many, many, dreadful things […]

Striking Coincidence

Yesterday, as I waited for my new upstairs neighbour’s double-parked mother to move her car so that I could drive away from my flat, I noticed that her shiny Smart had a deep, long scratch in its paintwork, a deep, long scratch the height of which corresponded exactly with that of the stump of my […]

Great Moments In English Legal History

Apple Computer has won a major legal battle today when a High Court judge in London ruled that the company had not breached a trademark agreement made 15 years ago with the Beatles’ Apple Corps. … The 1991 Trade Mark Agreement gave Apple Corps – owned by Sir Paul McCartney, Ringo Starr and the widows […]

Commercial Break

I’ve got a couple of photography engagements to do so I am going to be too busy to blog over the next couple of days. Normally I would post a joke here and leave you to talk amongst yourselves, but, sadly, as a result of the attention the Euston Manifesto has brought to this site, […]

Licensed Killer Fact

Given that there are a number of famous urban myths about UK TV teen quiz host Bob Holness in circulation, it’s surprising to discover that he really did play James Bond in 1956. Here’s the trailer for the upcoming Casino Royale. Eric the Unread has a link to the French version, Royal Casino. Like this:Like […]

Gratuitous Nigella

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The Wit And Wisdom Of Maisie B.

My niece Maisie is cute, but she’s only three-and-a-bit years old so she still has plenty to learn about the World. This week, presented with a beach ball, she declared: “I saw India on a ball like that. It’s where elephants and peacocks live and it’s a triangle.” On seeing a black woman at the […]


In an ad in Sound On Sound, Pete Townshend is quoted as saying: “I’m a huge fan of Ivory. It amazes me every time I use it.” Ivory is, according to the reviews I’ve read, superb software for obtaining grand piano sounds that are indistinguishable from the real thing (they are the real thing), but […]


A while back I linked to Saturday Night Live‘s excellent “Narnia Rap”, Lazy Sunday. Via An Englishman In New York, I have now experienced Britain’s response to this online hit: Lazy Sunday UK: We Drink Tea. [Requires Macromedia Flash Player.] Unlike the US original, the rapping is painfully inept, but I think that’s the point. […]

Censorship Watch

Checking the PooterGeek comments that I have blocked in the moderation queue this morning, I note that, for the first time, the number expressing hatred of blacks is exactly matched by the number expressing hatred of Jews. Which is nice. Like this:Like Loading…

A Favour For A Friend

This is a very odd post, an experimental post even. Paulie of Never Trust A Hippy wants to help Barnet Football Club with an online tactical voting campaign. Here’s the science part. Like this:Like Loading…

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