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“I Slept With John Prescott And All I Got Was This Lousy £100K.”

Plastered across the front of the Observer this morning I read: “PRESCOTT EXPLOITED ME—SAYS TEARFUL EX-MISTRESS.“ Woman starts affair with prominent married politician and gets screwed over. As a story it’s up there with “DOG BITES CHEWY PLASTIC BONE!” but the punters never tire of it. There’s a reason why men like John Prescott behave […]

Keith Richards “Out Of Tree” Shocker!

But how did he get up there in the first place? [Bonus school-of-journalism marks go to the BBC staffer writing the article for referring to the Rolling Stones as “the famous British band”.] Like this:Like Loading…

A Day In The Life

I’m in a bookshop on the Charing Cross Road. I’ve just come from lunch with an editor at The Economist(, dahling). My mobile rings. it’s the other person from the newspaper I was supposed to meet earlier. She’d been stuck in the City, talking to men-in-suits. I move to the back of the shop and […]

We Remain, However, Firmly Opposed To Incest

“Looking very relaxed, Adolf Hitler on vibes.” They said we were in trouble when Bill Kristol and Michelle Malkin gave their support for the Euston Manifesto. But now we have a morris dancer on the books. Like this:Like Loading…

Live-In Doll

The growing demand for shock-horror “true-life” stories has, apparently, now raised the going rate for a non-celebrity, sub-tabloid confessional to £10K. [Sorry I’ve lost the link for this factoid, but it’s more plausible than most of the headlines I’ve circled in the photograph above.] I suspect that the following from Marie Claire is about as […]

The Curse Of Worstall

Tim Worstall is not Charles Clarke’s best friend, so it is a chilling reminder of the growing power of the blog that at exactly the same time as the normally relentless ex-pat blogger decides to “take a trip to Blighty“, the Home Secretary finds himself in a little bit of bother: Clarke insists: ‘I will […]

I Read Baudrillard, So I Must Be, Like, Rilly Rilly Clever!

Like a teenager in Starbucks with a Penguin Kafka sticking out of her carefully distressed jacket pocket, someone calling herself “thapunkprincess” flashes her reading list and then attempts to strike a subversive blow against the Eustonian hegemony by inventing a fake signature for the manifesto: One more thing before I go. Various internet ‘commentators’ have […]

Normal Service Resumed

UPDATE: Now we’re really, really back. UPDATE: Nah, we’re off the Net again. We apologise for the recent interruption on our journey to World Domination. The online conspiracy of the Jewish-American Neo-Con Revolutionary Communist Cardigan-Wearing People’s Army That Really Really Isn’t Worth A Moment Of Anyone’s Time At All But Here’s My Fifth Blogpost Railing […]

Disruption At Euston

I think it’s a measure of the success of this thing that my phone won’t stop ringing when the Euston Manifesto site goes down. I even missed two calls while Norm was on the phone to me about it. It’s not a problem with the site itself or a targeted attack; all Websites at our […]

First Post?

Has the Euston Manifesto brought another new blog into the world? Like this:Like Loading…

Mystery Gift

A perk of running this site is receiving nice presents from readers / freebies from corporate shills—not that any of them sway my editorial judgment at all, as I sit here watching the Web on my Mitsubishi monitor, eating Bahlsen’s tasty Choco Leibniz. Recently, in response to one of my posts here, the proprietor of […]

PooterGeek Loves The Argus

This is still a favourite PooterGeek post, and the Argus keeps coming up with more gems, though sadly I don’t always have my camera with me. [click image to enlarge] Like this:Like Loading…

UK House Price Inflation Hits First-Time Buyers In Bethnal Green

Stone me! [via The Motley Fool] Like this:Like Loading…

By The Way

Thank you to Pete in the comments and to everyone else who’s been sending kind wishes. It’s good to be alive on days like these. I hope eventually everyone will be just as free to say in public how they think we should live in the world we share. It’s a precious gift and one […]

“Euston”? You Mean Like In The Manifesto?

Yes, I’m busy and I hope regular readers will be patient with me. As Norm pointed out to me earlier today, the fourth third hit on Google for the word “Euston” is the Euston Manifesto. Not Euston Station [click image to enlarge] Worryingly, this blog, which has thrived on stories of my loserhood, is being […]

Boring And Brief, But At Least I’m Not Going On About That Manifesto

This a is funny post about Grumpy Old Men. Like this:Like Loading…

…Jokers To The Right

Just to demonstrate that the loonies attacking the Euston Manifesto aren’t exclusively Left-wing: “Does it say anything that Jews do not have to wiped off the face of the earth? I figured not. Even “enlightened” Eurolefties are psychotic Nazi Jew-haters.” I’ve been on the Net for a long, long time but, until this document went […]

On An Horrific Scale

Following on from my last post about young people and music, this is funny. [via Mudbath] Like this:Like Loading…

Young People Today, Eh? Shocking.

I’m in a Brighton musical instrument shop looking for a couple of brackets for my keyboard stand. There’s a teenager sitting slouched at one of the digital pianos in sweats and a baggy jacket. He’s wearing a mesh baseball cap and through it you can see that his buzz-cut hair is dyed a colour Eminem […]

Informational Post

In the past few days, for some strange reason, people who have never met me before have been accusing me of being a middle-aged, white, public-schoolboy, “hebe” second-rate academic. Honky Cohensell relaxes at the Groucho Club unaware that the “real” holocaust is about to wipe the smile off his face. “Second-rate academic”? I dream of […]

Rage And Reason

These three blogs have all drawn attention to the dichotomy between the strange habits of angry Left-wingers online as reported by The Washington Post and the tone and content of the Euston Manifesto. There is something deliciously satisfying about seeing the wilfully stupid wax hysterical at the thought of a few people meeting in a […]


Norman Kember, former hostage, interviewed on BBC Radio 4: “They were brave, but I disagree with their profession… It’s ironic isn’t it?: You go as a peace activist and you’re rescued by the SAS.“ Like this:Like Loading…

The Only Language These People Understand

Writing in Inside Higher Ed, Scot McLemee proposes that people who use mobile phones in libraries should be shot with Taser guns, the pussy. Like this:Like Loading…

Those Who Live In Tin Foil Hats…

One of my first email messages today was a piece of spam from a NO2ID campaigner. Like this:Like Loading…

The Euston Manifesto

Today, 13Apr06, we—bloggers, academics, campaigners, writers, scientists, journalists, citizens—launch the Euston Manifesto. With this document we hope to publicly assert our progressive, democratic, egalitarian, internationalist principles in the face of recent attacks upon them from the Right and, to our dismay, the Left. Many of us are of the Left, but we come from across […]

I Almost Drowned In My Bath…

…when I heard this evening’s BBC Radio 4 news describe the September 11 attacks on New York as a “terrorist outrage”. Did anyone else catch that or were the vapours rising from my Matey causing me to hallucinate? Like this:Like Loading…

Nigella Lawson: A Clarification

More than once in the past month I have been accused of lacking imagination and/or tending toward the superficial in my feelings for Nigella Lawson. I’d like to take this opportunity of a lull in posting here to put on the record that I fancied her before pretty much everyone. Had I been aware of […]

Snow Business Like Show Business

Wow. A version of My Way I don’t feel the urge to turn off half way through. And check out the other trailer for Happy Feet too. Like this:Like Loading…

Fight! Fight!

There’s a fascinating rumble going on at Tim Worstall’s place about legal status of certain battlefield practices. Here’s the quote from a Telegraph article that Tim set it off with: Lt Col Glyn Harper, a professor at the New Zealand army’s Military Studies Institute, who co-authored the book, In the Face of the Enemy, said […]

A Lazy Blog Post

Before I set about some other duties, I pause to browse the blogs and bitch about them (affectionately of course). On the subject of lazy blogging, if Guido is going to complain about substandard satire on the TV, he needs to get some of his own material or at the very least put me on […]

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