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In The Dating Arena

I’m at that singles event I’m supposed to be photographing. I’m holding my new camera. It’s not discreet like my old one. The vertical grip is attached and I have a wireless flash with me. I don’t have one of those penis-extension telephoto lenses, but I still look like a paparazzo. MAN IN SUIT: Are […]

Oi, Chris Brooke, No!

Chris, you’re a bright bloke, well-read, great company and all that, but this is plain daft. The Silly Bunt’s article was a steaming pile of cack and responding to her adolescent nonsense about “the Enlightenment” (and her many justified critics in blogland) by wibbling on about “Paolo Mattia Doria’s contemporary five-fold distinction” is a bit […]

Bog Off. I’m Busy.

Nothing from me today, but you are welcome to talk amongst yourselves. (Mostly I will be putting the finishes touches to my bestseller: Harry Potter and the Time-Travelling Wife Of Da Vinci.) Like this:Like Loading…

What A Pair Of Johnnies

My favourite quotes from this evening’s Front Row on BBC Radio 4: War artist John Keane asked if he might be romanticising the terrorists responsible for the Beslan school massacre: “I’m interested ultimately in what motivates people to kill people for political ends, for better or worse. And really the reason is: Everyone is a […]

One Shot

I know it’s not Friday, but this is too topical and too tempting to resist. You are an air marshal. You have been called to deal with a disruptive passenger on a plane full of British slebs. As you walk down the aisle to sort out the trouble, this is the view that greets you. […]

Truly The Devil Has The Best Tunes

Cher can sing, but it’s commonly thought that the warbly electronic effect applied to her voice on her multi-platinum hit Believe was achieved with an infamous piece of pitch-correction software called Auto-Tune. Recording nerds debate whether it was that program or a less interesting vocoder-type gadget (Digitech Talker) that really did the business, but Auto-Tune […]

A (James) Blunt Message To A Subset Of Womankind: You Might Be Beautiful, But She Isn’t, I’m Not, And Your Manners Certainly Aren’t

Earlier on PooterGeek, Linda passed on a nice thing someone had said about me. Since I was invited a few days back to take my camera along and shoot a singles night, this seems a good time to respond at excessive length. [Sorry, Linda, this isn’t that long post about how wonderful you are.] Despite […]

A Lesson In The Importance Of Sentence Construction

Via Instapundit I came upon this unfortunate opening to the Fort Worth Star-Telegram report on the release of Abdul Rahaman: KABUL, Afghanistan—An Afghan court on Sunday dismissed a case against a man who converted from Islam to Christianity because of a lack of evidence and he will be released soon, officials said. Let’s hope the […]

Mmm! Pork With All The Oily Goodness Of Roundworm

The genetic revolution brings you a “healthier” fry-up: Geneticists have mixed DNA from the roundworm C. elegans and pigs to produce swine with significant amounts of omega-3 fatty acids — the kind believed to stave off heart disease [hmmm…]. Researchers hope they can improve the technique in pork and do the same in chickens and […]

Stop Me If This Is Getting Boring

There’s even a forum on the Internet Movie Database where members are trying to come up with a tagline for the film whose title is a tagline: Snakes On A Plane: “They’re not after the peanuts.” Snakes On A Plane: “Scared of heights? Scared of snakes? We put them together.” Snakes On A Plane: “This […]

Shiny Thing

Hah! I leave both Grammar Puss and Jack & Hill trailing in my metrosexual wake as I bring you first news of the Purse Brite lighted handbag organizer: 10 Expandable Pockets Perfectly Organize Any Bag Make Switching Bags Easier Includes: Zippered cosmetic bag Lighted compact mirror with 5x magnification Get this entire kit for only […]

For The Record

Some freaky blog technology glitch has resulted in a link back to PooterGeek being posted underneath a review of The Road To Guantánamo on a site calling itself “The Movies Blog“. Worse: the text of the link is the heading of a post of mine where I enthused about a trailer for Team America: World […]

Bricks And Water

In honour of today’s March For Freedom Of Expression I link to the deck where Jenna Bush will one day land to declare the liberal West’s victory in the culture war. [via Pootling—no relation] Like this:Like Loading…

As Cunning As A Fox Whose Name Is “Cunning”

I yield to no one in my admiration of Her Majesty’s Special Forces—except perhaps Michael Portillo—but there’s one detail in the Guardian‘s account of the casualty-free rescue of three hostages in Iraq yesterday that gives me pause: As SAS troopers prepared to raid a house in one of the most dangerous parts of Baghdad in […]

On The Development Of Human Society

Once we would bond by grooming each other to remove parasites. Now we log into each others’ blogs to delete spam posts. Like this:Like Loading…

Oh My God! They Killed Chef!

MovieGeek Michael Brooke is back and he has a link to news on the latest shocking developments in the Chef story. Like this:Like Loading…

Budget Agony

I had a copy of The Daily Telegraph (aka The Torygraph) because it’s always worth reading the opposition press on a day of Labour Party smugness. [TEN YEARS OF A CHANCELLOR WHO KNOWS WHAT HE’S DOING, YOU TORY BASTARDS! TEN YEARS! HE MAY BE A ONE-EYED WONK FROM PLANET MEDDLE, BUT HE’S OUTPERFORMED EVERY SORRY […]

The Shorter Boris Johnson

Displaying his usual deftness, cuddly old Boris takes on the question of religious dress in schools in today’s Telegraph. You could summarise the first part of his contribution thusly: “That Shabina Begum: even dressed like a pillar box you’d do her, wouldn’t you?” And, as usual, he has a point. Like this:Like Loading…

Attack Of The Northern Anoraks

Over at Stumbling and Mumbling there’s another post by the metaphorically shed-dwelling Chris Dillow that will appeal to my dad: from Freddie Flintoff to Tom Finney in ten steps. Like this:Like Loading…

Mad Mullahs Judge Defendant Mad

“Well, Abdul, we were going to kill you because you changed sky-fairy in mid flight, The US and three Nato allies have expressed concern over reports that a Muslim convert to Christianity could face the death penalty in Afghanistan. Abdul Rahman is charged with rejecting Islam and could be executed under Sharia law unless he […]

George’s Problems Solved

George Szirtes complained recently of PooterGeek looking even weirder than usual on his old Mac. This was fixed by installing the free version of this Web browser. It also improved his experience of various other sites compared with the way they looked under Internet Explorer—not surprising given that IE is software written by bum-heads. Like […]

Richard Brincklow, Stop What You Are Doing Right Now!

Rich, I know you’re busy with moving house and that young composers’ thing you told me about on the phone yesterday, but, man, we have to enter this competition ASAP. This movie is crying out for our music: Get your copy of the player here Like this:Like Loading…

More Snakes On A Plane Action

At PooterGeek we love Snakes On A Plane. Thank you to Peter Briffa for drawing my attention to the Snakes On A Plane sequel pitch thread at the Internet Movie Database discussion boards—samples: Jurassic Snake A crazy British entrepeneur brings dinosaurs back to life by extracting genetic material from amber, using snake cells to fill […]

A Better Way

I see Norm’s balls and raise him two. [via The Motley Fool] Like this:Like Loading…

…Or The Turkey Gets It

Further to the South Park / Scientology story, Richard points out that another celebrity cultist prominent believer, Tom Cruise, might have pushed Paramount to pull the “offending” episode by threatening not to co-operate in the promotion of his latest movie. There’s a chilling ultimatum: “If you broadcast that South Park episode then it’s curtains for […]

Pay Attention, Counsell

This blog has been treading water lately because I have been acutely busy. I hope in the next couple of weeks I’ll get back into more of a routine and I’ll be able to tidy up PooterGeek’s design, finish off some long-overdue extended posts, and write some more substantial new stuff. I also hope I’ll […]

Random Association Update

You might remember this post in which the Geek stumbled upon an art project designed to bring strangers together in strange ways. If you’d like to sign up for it yourself go here. Like this:Like Loading…

Like Yesterday

The Anonymous Economist draws my attention to this amazing story: James McGaugh is one of the world’s leading experts on how the human memory system works. But these days, he admits he’s stumped. McGaugh’s journey through an intellectual purgatory began six years ago when a woman now known only as AJ wrote him a letter […]

Our Lady

I am about to ask Wardy a favour, so naturally I nipped over to his blog to make sure he hadn’t recently lost a limb, been blinded in a freak Hungry Hippos accident, or suffered any other misfortune that might have left him unable to expedite the Very Important Business I would like him to […]

Keep The Faith

On Friday I went to Cambridge to stay with Jenny and Matthew (and their son Douglas) Crikey! Douglas does his Boris Johnson impression. [click image to enlarge] and to attend Cathal’s leaving party / St Patrick’s Day celebrations. After a few months you forget just how surreal a night out in a Cambridge pub can […]

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