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magmavander, Please Read This

This is a message for magmavander in Hyères les Palmiers. I am trying to send you a link to another rough mix, but your wanadoo address is bouncing as non-existent. Please email me an alternative contact. Thank you. Like this:Like Loading…

Apparently Some People Update These Weblog Things Once A Day

Sorry, PooterGeekers. I do have a lot of ideas for things to write here, but I don’t have any time to write them this week. I don’t even have time to cut-and-paste a joke here as I usually do before I take a few days off from ‘Blogging. Amongst other little chores I’ve been doing, […]

Serious ‘Blogging

Nothing much from me, but you should read every last one of these posts from Norm today. Like this:Like Loading…

This Weekend’s Train Conversations

On the way to Hot Wheels‘ most excellent party yesterday I met an Englishwoman with a bass who plays in a New Cross bluegrass band. She was wearing an “I’m Up For A Chat On The Tube” badge that turned out to be a product of a conceptual art project to bring random people together. […]

Aston Villa Still Crap

Premiership football team thwarted by child. Like this:Like Loading…

Thin Ice

Black man wins gold medal in Winter Olympics for first time in history, offers Whitey surrender terms. Like this:Like Loading…

Adoramus Te

Gloria’s damned sexy when she’s angry. Like this:Like Loading…

Mixing It Up

You won’t be surprised to read that I thoroughly approve of miscegenation. One day the whole world will be beige. There will be no war, all corner shops will sell five-spice, and no one will be able to make a buddy movie featuring a funny black sidekick. It always made me smile that the genome […]

The Disconnect Is Complete. The Solution Is At Hand.

Harry’s Place has a story from Islam Online claiming that Norway has brought in a law that punishes blasphemy by fine or imprisonment. There doesn’t seem to be any confirmation of this from any other source. This means we have reached the point at which we can read a report on an imaginary change in […]

The Ultimate Taste Test

This is too strange. Using digital photography, someone called Wojtek Kwiatkowski has found a way to recreate those paintings of horses they used to sell at the corner shop up the road from my parents’. Are the results weirdly beautiful or impossibly naff? Like this:Like Loading…

It’s The End Of The World As We Know It (And I Feel Fine)

It’s like the holocaust. No, it’s like Soviet labour camps. It’s like all the baddest things that ever happened all rolled into one evil Blairite slippery end of the wedge of straw on the camel’s back. Bring me my blunderbuss, Elaine, and put another sandbag in the conservatory! I’ll shoot the last bally one of […]

Laughter Lines

“Women chose funny men as relationship partners despite often rating them as less honest and intelligent,” the researchers said in the study published in the journal Evolution and Human Behaviour. In other news: Actor Tom Cruise has branded a story suggesting he is to split from pregnant fiancee Katie Holmes “100% false”. The denial came […]

Bucks On A Till

A few months back I emailed some friends (one of them a Samuel L Jackson fan with a subscription to Empire) a link to this ‘Blog post about an upcoming movie that practically defines “high concept“: Snakes On A Plane, a film that Samuel L Jackson will appear in because of, not despite, its title. Since then, Snakes On A Plane has become a full-on […]

Thank You

It’s been years since I received an anonymous Valentine (the best kind, obviously), but today I got a particularly fine e-card from a mystery individual—it even had a lovely little jazz piano soundtrack. If the sender is reading this I’d just like to say thank you. It made my day. Like this:Like Loading…


I was browsing a newsagent’s shelf the other day at a rail station and noticed that, given the current unrest, February’s Wired has an unfortunate cover: Ironically, as Slashdot notes today, the Wired Website carries an interesting report today on some research into misunderstanding the intended tone of emails. As if you needed telling, email […]

Flaming Pants On A Stick

If any of you have been forced to look at the old, purple, Movable Type version of PooterGeek lately it’s because my hosts, who claimed they would have finished their upgrades by Friday, decided to move all my data to a new server this weekend. The first I knew about it was a note in […]

A Question For Owners Of Television Sets

Every time I see a photograph of Abu Hamza that includes his torso, it looks like he’s got an iPod Mini hanging round his neck. What is it? Like this:Like Loading…

Explosives Experts

Brighton city centre, one block from the sea front: I am walking along the street on my way to deliver some film to a developing lab when I notice that two police have been called to deal with an abandoned suitcase. It has been left flat on its side in the middle of the pavement […]

Lots Of Bollox

If you frequent the eBay auction site you will be familiar with the capitalist haiku that is the eBay feedback message, the window through which users signal to other users their experience of a seller’s or buyer’s reliability. The majority of feedback messages are boilerplate rendered in txt msg English: Delivrd on time. Goods well […]

Is It Just Me Or?…

Jason Donovan, has-been popstar Tony Blair, wannabe popstar Like this:Like Loading…

Obviously We’ve Been Missing That Kevin Keegan Factor

Bored with an England football coach who hardly ever loses a competitive game and irritated by his getting more sex with hot foreign babes than they ever will, tabloid journalists (and many of their readers) finally get what they wanted all along: England’s new manager to be homegrown: British or Irish candidate with ‘passion’ a […]

That Grammy Awards Dyed-Hair Rockers’ Medley In Full

THE EDGE: dicka-ticka-ticka-ticka [dicka-ticka-ticka-ticka] [[dicka-ticka-ticka-ticka]] [[[dicka-ticka-ticka-ticka… BONO: And the Devil touched the angel in the middle of the desert… BROOCE: Bwangggg! …in the shadow of the foundry, in the shadow of the flag… ELVIS COSTELLO: …and the angel was a s-s-s-squaddie and the Devil was Thatch… LORD MACCA OF LOCH KODAK: …and the little green […]


Hot Wheels Helena has spotted a good one over at B3ta. Like this:Like Loading…

Comic Booked

Yes, even Hello! magazine would have difficulty finding his good side, but you have got to admire the Beeb’s front-page photo of Abu Hamza: This time you may have triumphed, Captain Britain, but I shall RETURN! Muaha-ha ha-ha ha HA HA HA! Like this:Like Loading…

Another Warning

This post is to echo the message Norm kindly hosted for me earlier today when I was offline: this week you should expect the signals from PooterGeek to be unreliable any time up until Thursday midnight because my Web hosts are upgrading the software running their servers. You can, however, count on the content here […]

Thank Heaven For Little Boys

From 70s pop stars to Lib Dem MPs to celebrity feminists, the modern public figure seems to be vulnerable to private temptation by the figure of the young man. Everyone knew Germaine Greer’s battiness had set in properly when she wrote that book about beautiful boys, though the female circumcision thing had already given the […]

Breakdown Of Diplomacy

While I’m on the subject, during much of my youth, lazy, stupid, ungrateful, talentless, illiterate, violent, and very very ugly white people would daily tell me to fuck off “back home”. They were wrong to do so. They would, however, be right to tell the sorts of lazy, stupid, etc brown people who wave banners […]

A Sierra Leonean Education

Here is the BBC’s recent picture gallery about education in Sierra Leone. The Benevolent Kumrabai Rogbanah School was once a train station. The children have never seen a train—the railway closed in 1974. It is a reminder of how prosperous Sierra Leone once was. The conditions are cramped with some children forced to sit on […]

A Clarification

An earlier post of mine might have been construed as criticism of respected rapper and member of the community of People Of Colour Notorious B.I.G.. Since writing that entry in my Weblog I have been informed by two of my readers that Mr B.I.G. is, in fact, deceased. I think I and everyone here will […]

He’s Sharper Sober

Via Botheration comes this nice Charles Kennedy, er, come-back recorded by The Independent reporting on his meeting the people: Mr Kennedy was greeted warmly… ‘I love you, Charles,’ said one elderly lady pushing to shake his hand. “Don’t start any tabloid scandal,” he said. Like this:Like Loading…

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