A Great Escape

The Web is full of ordinary people from all over the planet whittering on about whatever they want to. Other people all over the planet can read their whitterings for next to nothing. Add a bit of peer review and you have a wonderful meritocracy of whittering. This account of West Bromwich Albion escaping relegation, published on the Motley Fool‘s “Football Fools” discussion board, is sexist, sentimental, and completely charming.


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    Thanks for this. I was working in the garage, thinking ‘it was always too much to ask for ALL our rivals not to win’ when Palace equalised. For the next 10 minutes I stayed EXACTLY where I was until the whistle went. The batteries in the radio were running out .. should I change them ? No – they’d been in when Charlton equalised. Sit down ? No – they equalised when I was standing up, so I’ll stay put. Any change to where I was might affect the game …

    I liked the Pompey fans who in the first half were singing “let ‘em score, let ‘em score, let ‘em score” at their own side …

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    Even I felt emotional with the Baggies staying up and I’m an exiled Wanderer.

    The Grauniad reported Pompey fans were chanting “Play up Albion” and ” When the Saints Go Marching Down”. Oh those football rivalries.

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