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Say It With Flowers

Cool. [via Slashdot] Like this:Like Loading…

A Pretty Plague

If you can get hold of a copy of today’s International Herald Tribune there is a superb and surprisingly beautiful front page photograph illustrating an item about the pink locusts in the Canaries. It was taken by Carlos Guevara for Reuters. Like this:Like Loading…


Here’s a special lunchtime bonus. Like this:Like Loading…

Rise Up And Walk Again

If this is real it’s amazing. UPDATE: The site I linked to has free registration, but you could have a browse through these to see if you can find a simple click-through link. Like this:Like Loading…

Movie Round-Up

It’s been said before that big studios often release the same story two or three times within a couple of years: Star Wars and Battlestar Galactica, Armageddon and Deep Impact, The Others and The Sixth Sense. Over at Apple’s trailers site, the latest Hollywood obsession seems to be women dealing with the disappearance or reappearance […]

A Man Has To Have Standards

Bugger. I have no problem with picking up a copy of Playboy or Penthouse from the newsagent’s, but Good Housekeeping? I could always hide it between the pages of the latest Asian Babes. Like this:Like Loading…

Kids, Eh?

From Friday’s Telegraph: “The head teacher of a girls’ secondary school has suspended 40 pupils after what she described as an ‘absolutely frightening’ case of bullying. “Pamela Orchard took the action after viewing CCTV footage of the incident of ‘mass intimidation’ in which the large group of girls formed a circle around one 15-year-old pupil […]

Not Much Like The Future Of “Dance”

When my friend Leasey took me out clubbing in Cambridge with her friends recently, they made a point of avoiding “Ballare”. I now know why. Like many other passengers on the sinking ship that was the Human Genome Mapping Project Resource Centre, a lovely Swedish girl is leaving it next week. I am with her, […]

Follow The Cheese

If Americans really don’t do irony, then this represents the end of civilization as we know it. Or possibly this. Or maybe this. Like this:Like Loading…

Still No Cure For Stupidity

As the International Herald Tribune reports, modern medical science has finally succeeded in curing an unvaccinated rabies victim of the disease—albeit using a pretty extreme approach: “[D]octors at the Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin put the critically ill teenager into a drug-induced coma and gave her anti-viral drugs, although it is not clear which if any […]

A Reader Writes

Following on from my review of Bridget Jones 2 a new correspondent—not our friend from Switzerland—has just emailed me the following message, entitled “Sincere apology”: “Damian I’m sorry. I should never have doubted you. I thought you just a tirading loon, venting an unfulfilled spleen. But you were right. BG2 is truly awful. Can you […]

Just So You Know

I’m not ill, dead or cut off from the Internet, people; I’m just ‘blogged out. Yesterday afternoon I found myself writing a piece so monumentally grumpy that I couldn’t bear to publish it. I might put something milder up tomorrow evening, but I think PooterGeek will be taking a few days off after that. You’re […]

Our Man In Washington

It’s late. I’m knackered. If I write at length now I will probably annoy someone with my abuse of English. I’ll just say that I’ve come back from seeing the remake of The Manchurian Candidate with a couple of (Left-leaning Cambridge don) friends. We all agreed that it was as if a bonkers anti-globalisation conspiracy […]

Robert Kagan Is Smarter Than Jacques Chirac

Judith was so right to recommend this, even allowing for the terrible, clunky play-on-words at the very end. Like this:Like Loading…

Safety In Flight

Good morning, chattels and infidels. On behalf of all of the team, welcome aboard this wide-bodied handcart from London Heathrow to Hell. Your flight has been the subject of a hostile, but successful, takeover bid by Intellectual Jihad. By co-operating with us in every way your inevitable demise could be postponed for anything up to […]

Racist Plonker or Why I Want England To Win Tonight

FOX Sports has a story about racist chanting by the Spanish crowd during the England-Spain Under-21s friendly yesterday. This relevant snippet is appended: “The 66-year-old Spain coach admits he made the comment about Henry. He says it was not meant as a racist remark but was to motivate Jose Antonio Reyes, Henry’s Arsenal colleague, who […]

Running On Empty

PooterGeek has long had a jokey button labelled “nice arse” over on the right hand side of its front page. It links to a picture of me running in an annual Cambridge charity relay race called “Chariots of Fire” last year. One of the other members of our particular Genome Campus team was a guy […]

Mellower Online?

Someone who knows me from the real world emailed yesterday. She’s just acquired broadband access and stumbled upon PooterGeek while surfing around. She wrote nice things about it and then compared my online presence to my actual presence, unironically demanding to know what had happened to “the ranting”. Tell me, people, am I losing my […]

Aussies Oop North

It’s time for me to join the “writing about cricket while Fallujah burns” tendency—if I’m quick enough, that is. My dad never misses an opportunity to bang on about the glories of the Lancashire League, but I forgot to link him to the latest post about it over at Harry’s Place, a ‘Blog where other […]

Online Satirical Magazine Raises Laughter

The site that gave us those classic one-line headlines “Kuwait Deploys Troop” and “Kevin Bacon linked to Osama Bin Laden” [think about it] excels itself this week. I’m not quoting the current ones here because they should be enjoyed alongside the relevant images. Just check out the top right-hand corner of The Onion’s front page. […]

The Shame

After a life of drugs, guns, and jail time (or what his record company calls an “uncanny knack for entangling himself in endless legal snafus”), rapper Ol’ Dirty Bastard dies at the age of 35. Of a heart attack. At work. Like this:Like Loading…

Starving Children

Because I wanted to experiment with the Amazon developer interface and because I want people I’ve never met before to buy me stuff, I have integrated my US Amazon wishlist into PooterGeek (over to the right and down a bit). A random entry from it should appear each time you reload this page. I also […]

Surf’s Up!

Within hours of the story breaking, who is number 2 for “Boris Johnson” “sex scandal”? PooterGeek braces for the hits as Britain’s Webheads ride the wave this-a-way. Like this:Like Loading…

Now A Major Motion Picture

A Jerry Bruckheimer Production 45 MINUTES starring Aaron Eckhart as George W Bush and Don Cheadle as Tony Blair [“I’m telling you, Steve, the sidekick has gotta to be black.”] [Urban skyline. Dusk.] TOUGH STREETS. NEED TOUGH COPS. DETECTIVE GEORGE “DUBYA” BUSH—HE’S WRESTLED WITH DRINK. HE’S WRESTLED WITH DRUGS. HE’S WRESTLED WITH THE ENGLISH LANGUAGE. […]

Car Crash Radio

[Before I start, I’m just going to say something about my editorial policy. A tiresome Leftie elsewhere in the ‘Blogosphere was taking Norm to task the other day for writing about cricket while Fallujah burned or something like that. This has been a week of Important Events in the World, but a week of froth […]

Plugged In Again

Reader, I sent an email this morning, from my email account. If you have been corresponding with me via Gmail recently you can now revert to the address. Not only that, but UKSolutions came back up again yesterday after disappearing some time in the morning. Being able to send email from your email account, […]

Missed Opportunity

Despite being away from the lab, I missed my chance to go to “The Wellbeing Show 2004″ at the Royal Horticultural Society’s Halls. According to Time Out, if I had attended I could have tried inversion therapy, had myself screened for allergies, or had my aura photographed. Perhaps next year. Like this:Like Loading…

Mixing By Committee

Thank you for the truly helpful and insightful comments you’ve emailed/posted about the rough mixes of my latest song. I have tried to take them all into consideration in making these: big MP3 [5 MB] smaller MP3 [3 MB] Windows Media [2.5 MB] Ogg [4 MB] Cliff’s sharp ears in particular generated a lot of […]

v. v. shit

Bridget Jones II is so bad on so many levels that it will be difficult for me to keep this post deservingly short. If you’re in a hurry, read my title. [But first, in answer to Eric’s thoughtful enquiry, I have not been following anything like my usual routine lately. That, my being ill over […]


I am having Internet connectivity problems. My Web access is flaky. I am getting mail slowly, but can’t send it. Sorry! Like this:Like Loading…

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