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Crazy of the Day

Some kind spammer has invited us on the EMBOSS team to check out this page lamenting the terrible state of the World. In summary: why can’t they see that Jesus was black? homosexuals are perverts, George Bush is a terrorist [yawn], and white people are unhealthily obsessed with the Jacksons. Like this:Like Loading…

Aye Do

I went to a delightful wedding do at The Scotsman hotel in Edinburgh on Saturday. Ros [far left-hand side] and Andy had already had a ceremony in Thailand where half of Ros’s family comes from. I couldn’t afford to take up my invitation to that party. They officially tied the knot in Scotland because, if […]

Are You Or Have You Ever Been?…

Just back from interrogation by the Labour Party Thought Police—sorry: being interviewed as candidate for the (I was reassured) unwinnable council seat of “Cambridge Market” [big gif]. “Have you ever been convicted of a criminal offence?” “No.” “Are you in arrears with your Council Tax?” “No.” “Have there ever been or are there any County […]

Bum Fluff

Brosnan is looking shaky for the next next Bond movie, so speculation about the replacement has started. Hugh Jackman I could just about believe, but Orlando Bloom? Puh-lease! BOND: You’ll never get away with it, you madman. Dr EVIL: [THWACK] BOND: Ow, that hurt! ‘S’not fair! ‘S’not fair! Dr EVIL: Now take off that tuxedo […]


I keep hearing/reading the UK Overseas Development Minister, Hilary Benn, on the good progress in Iraq, for example half-an-hour ago on Radio 4’s Westminster Hour. So I googled, as you do, and he really, positively is the son of the man who took tea with that monster. Like this:Like Loading…


This is why it’s going to take more than a bunch of suicidal fundamentalist crazies to bring down western civilization. Like this:Like Loading…

One-Way Ticket

Two more signs that Kerry is winning: Today I read an article [subscription only, you oiks] in The Economist defending him against the increasingly desperate Republican accusations that he is a weathervane, always saying one thing or voting one way, before “flipping” around to an opposite position. Then I noticed that Bloomberg has him raising […]


Cambridge is too small. This evening I went out on my own and knew the people in front of me in the cashpoint queue and the people behind me. Like this:Like Loading…

Of All The People

On the way to the Henley Regatta[, darling], Sonya showed me the front cover of Friday’s Evening Standard. It wasn’t until she stepped out the headline to me—“Gilligan: This Was A Just War“—that I parsed it correctly. My belief that Andrew Gilligan would oppose military action in Iraq was so strong that I couldn’t even […]


There should be a new Oscar category: “Best High Concept”—awarded for the most inspired one-sentence movie idea. Connie and Carla is ” Some Like It Hot meets Victor/Victoria“. Watch the trailer and you’ll see what I mean. Like this:Like Loading…

M’Learned Friends

Yesterday I had to adjust some PooterGeek content from earlier in the week—both original text of mine and a coment by an external poster—to avoid misunderstanding and potential legal action respectively. I used (with ironic intent) language in my original ‘Blog entry that was probably too strong and that might have provoked the problem. These […]

She Moves In Mysterious Ways

Have you ever Googled for God? Can you spot the odd picture out? Like this:Like Loading…

Shock Development

Common-sense article by anti-war writer printed in The Guardian! A sample: “Just for the record, the Bali bomb, which killed 202 people, many of them Australian tourists, happened six months before the invasion of Iraq. The motive, as Clive James has said, had nothing to do with Iraq, much less Palestine. It was because the […]

Western Reviewed

Open Range is an excellent film, well acted. It’s slow and has a couple of unfortunate structural flaws, but it features at least one awesome, crunchingly realistic gunfight. Robert Duvall is solid as usual, though, at an absolutely crucial moment, he blows it by focusing his gaze on a camera. However, it’s Costner’s movie and […]

‘Allo ‘Allo?

Now not only has the British National Party got its own Jewish candidate, so has the French Front National. Madame Arrouas does point out in her defence that some of Le Pen’s best friends are Jewish. I remember when Britain’s (now defunct) National Front used to have a couple of black stooges who would speak […]

Mixed Sex Prisoner

This story combines this week’s weird sex theme with the Chewbacca Defence approach to getting your client off the hook. Like this:Like Loading…

Follow The Green Bunny

This guy has one of the funkiest sets of academic homepages I have ever seen. Check out his collection of optical illusions—many of them animated. (Clicking on a thumbnail on the right takes you to the corresponding illusion.) Would you believe I arrived at his site by clicking on an uncaptioned image of a large-breasted […]

Too Weird For Words

Well, could you think of anything sensible to say about this? UPDATE: The Beeb has pulled its version of the story so the link above doesn’t work any more [thanks, Adam, for the alert]. You can try this one instead. UPDATE: The BBC version is now back. Like this:Like Loading…


Today the Stop the War Coalition will be marching in London against the “war”. I wonder how many of those caring sharing people will have even registered “the worst humanitarian situation in the world” (the words of the UN co-ordinator for Sudan). Like this:Like Loading…

Peter Blatty meets Peter Rabbit

WARNING: Only follow the link if you have already seen the movie. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you The Exorcist performed in 30 seconds by cartoon bunnies. Like this:Like Loading…

Browned Off

Not having a television, I missed the full horror of events on Budget day. (In The Times on Thursday, Anatole Kaletsky explained in rather more detail than I did why Gordon Brown has completely outflanked the Tories. [Since it’s the London Times there’s no free access for you dirty foreigners, but then you probably don’t […]

One Day, Only The Balls Will Be White

First Tiger Woods; now Michelle Wie. She’s was born in Honolulu 14 years ago. She’s 6′ tall. She can hit a golfball 300yds. If she grows up without burning out she’s going to win everything in sight. Like this:Like Loading…

Rising Again

It took nearly 40 years, the invention of the Internet and $30m of Mel Gibson’s money, but it looks like Jesus could be getting bigger than The Beatles—in more ways than one. (Of course, The Beatles don’t have the unfair advantage of being able to come back from the dead.) Like this:Like Loading…

The Book Of The Film

Stop me if I’m getting boring about this, but… I’ve just come upon a banner ad showing the edge of a crown of thorns and bearing the message “You’ve seen the movie Now understand its meaning” . It leads to this page where the Catholic church takes full advantage of a golden marketing opportunity. Like […]

How To Be Happy In Your Work

Don’t get a job; get a vocation. Like this:Like Loading…

Youthful Rites Of Passage

Now Leasey is back at work to read this, I can congratulate her on passing her driving test and having two one-inch molars removed from her head without dying from the loss of blood. Well done! Like this:Like Loading…

Liddle on Islamophobia

Rod Liddle continues to rant incoherently about the Hutton Inquiry that comprehensively battered the show he used to produce, Radio 4’s Today Programme. In tomorrow’s Spectator, he contributes a similarly incoherent, but stimulating, piece about the relationship between the nominally Christian West and Islam. His argument is roughly along these lines: Young Islam is radically […]


There’s a bit of a problem with that link to Bruce Anderson’s Spectator article about The Passion, “Christianity and Judaism Cannot Be Reconciled”, so I’ve inserted a couple of choice quotes in my original post about it. Also, some have suggested that this link might go to someone else’s illegal mirror of the Anderson piece. […]


The British National Party’s leaders have managed to disguise their true intentions so successfully that they could have given themselves a new problem to solve. Like this:Like Loading…

An Ally At Last

Writing an article titled ” Christianity and Judaism cannot be reconciled”, Bruce Anderson of The Spectator might be the only person on the planet who agrees with me (up to a point) about The Passion. Unlike me, he’s seen the film and recently read the Bible. (Unlike everyone else I’ve linked to on the matter, […]

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