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Sacrificial Gloat

I am a Simon Hoggart fan and he has covered the Hutton inquiry in a sharp and insightful way. But he is also a political diarist and he knows that his first duty is to get a laugh. He put the boot into Blair this morning so well I had to snigger too. Like this:Like […]

Blood for Oil

I think Saddam showed something of a misunderstanding of organic chemistry and renewable energy. The idea that you can take oil out of the ground and replace it with human corpses seems, superficially, to make sense—especially if you can use the extracted oil itself to pay people to let you carry on doing something that […]

Who Lied?

I’d just like to comment, on behalf of my own party, The Militant Rationalists: “O frabjous day! Callooh! Callay!” and “Bring me the head of John Humphrys on a stick!” before linking you to this news item. By the way, can anyone see anything a little inappropriate about Michael Howard (Jewish) accusing Tony Blair (conspicuously […]

Rebel Without The Balls

Commenting on the way Mike Rowe eventually rolled over when instructed by Microsoft‘s attack lawyers to hand over his domain, one Farker wrote: “DAMN THE MAN! FIGHT THE POWER! DOWN WITH HUGE CORPORA… ohh an X-Box… never mind” Like this:Like Loading…

Animal Magic

Some of these Photoshop images are as witty as they’re well executed. Like this:Like Loading…

How Much?

Currently, I have a post-Christmas overdraft, but, as of five minutes ago, this BBC newsflash has put it in perspective. Like this:Like Loading…

Power Shopping

Books, records, electronics… now with Amazon you can even buy your own presidential candidate. Like this:Like Loading…

Happy Birthday, Sis!

Big brother says many happy returns! Like this:Like Loading…

Let Me Count the Ways

If you’ve got a QuickTime player, you probably visit for an occasional fix of gravelly voiceovers and exploding helicopters advertising the latest Hollywood releases. Currently the big genres are still barrel-scraping comic book stories (The Punisher, Alien vs. Predator), unfunny chick flicks (Laws of Attraction, Pieces Of April) and historical epics (The Last Samurai, […]


Pretty obscure I know, but at least Judith will enjoy this story. Like this:Like Loading…

Lost in Music

Sorry about the infrequent ‘Blogging. Richard has sent me some vocal-less tracks to write stuff for and I’ve been slaving over a hot music computer for the past few days. We have a track [warning: big download! long intro!] coming out on this compilation album at the end of the month. Hop over there and […]

Voice of the Dead

Now this is the sort of thing that makes me wish I had a TV. [Thanks to my boss for pointing this out to me just now.] Like this:Like Loading…

It’s a Conspiracy

I am an über-skeptic. (Yes I prefer the American spelling because it’s righter.) So, even though I disagree with most of this article, its logic appeals to me in a deep and disturbing way. Like this:Like Loading…

I Couldn’t Make It Up

[Before you begin reading this item I want to make it clear that I have not invented a single one of the following quotes. Neither are they, to my knowledge, from parody sites.] Adam keeps challenging me to address the Kilroy-Silk question. But what could I possibly contribute to such an elevated debate? After he […]

Clash of the Pedants

Lynne Truss gets an English lesson. Like this:Like Loading…


Just before Christmas I had my (excellent) local garage re-connect and re-seat the underdash wiring of my car. The car was in for them to do a more serious repair, so I thought they might as well deal with the bunches of plugs that had become disconnected and were dangling into the passenger footwell. “Simple […]


Leasey’s been complaining [no, don’t roll your eyes, there’s more to this story] that PooterGeek has been getting too political lately and it’s boring her. “Boring”? You kids have no idea. Like this:Like Loading…


Afghanistan steps out of the 1920s; Nigeria hobbles back into them. Incidentally, those of you frightened by the growing American Empire might want to read Afghanistan’s new constitution to see how the United States will turn the country into a McDonald’s-eatin’, Coke-drinkin’, Jesus-lovin’ facsimile of Texas. Like this:Like Loading…

It’s Oh So Quiet

Don’t forget to tune into Radio 3 on Friday for a live orchestral performance of John Cage’s 4′ 33″, originally composed for piano. Like this:Like Loading…

Michael Crawford

One explanation for his facial metamorphosis was that Michael Jackson wanted to look like Liz Taylor. Simply Girly has figured out the truth. Like this:Like Loading…

Taking Religious Orders

They’re gen-yoo-ine Cistercian monks and they’ll sell you a printer refill. Slashdot (and just about every other online media outlet) draw(s) our attention to the LaserMonks. has the best punning headline. (I’m sure Leasey and Jonathan would still give the edge to these guys in the wacky monk races.) Like this:Like Loading…

Some Words

The otherwise superb Chambers Dictionary that my parents bought me for Christmas lists the word “affluenza“, but not the word “afflatus“—checked in my Shorter Oxford before I deployed it yesterday. My edition of the Shorter doesn’t list “affluenza” of course. PooterGeek is on the first page of Google hits for the misspelling of “autism” as […]

Bloody Students

When I was an undergraduate I spent my weekends fending off aggressive winos as I worked behind the counter in an edge-of-Oxford corner shop. A lot of my contemporaries would spend theirs flitting down to London to party with their pals. Ten years after graduation I started to earn enough money to live that kind […]


Adam added a comment to the recent post about Brights (courtesy of Maoi). If Adam likes Dawkins-bashing, he’ll enjoy the on-going feud between Dawkins and ‘Blogging Labour MP Tom Watson. Watson produced a spoof yoof entry in his ‘Blog intended to parody attempts by middle-aged politicians to get “down with the kids”. Dawkins rather sloppily […]


You, dear Reader, probably won’t have noticed, but I have been irritated over the past few months by ‘Blog spam. The same people who write to you offering to enlarge your breasts/penis now post fake links to ‘Blogs. They have targeted PooterGeek in the hope of borrowing my legendary Google karma for their own tawdry […]

Simon Hoggart Nails It

The only thing I miss about the Saturday Guardian is Simon Hoggart’s column. I don’t think he’s very funny when he presents the comedy News Quiz on Radio 4, but he can be hilarious in print. Like many funny people he is also insightful. Today he gets straight to the core of the David Kelly […]


The crazy kids at Jinx Magazine specialize in what they call “urban exploration”: going places in cities where they shouldn’t go. They value “anti-totalitarianism, humanism, and unnecessary risk-taking”. So that’ll explain why this entry won their “Best Photograph” competition [warning: large image]. Like this:Like Loading…

New PooterGeeker

I feel a little bit like the landlord of a tiny village pub staring at a city newcomer by doing this, but we have a new contributor here at PooterGeek, that is we have one who hasn’t been drawn to join the growing community over at the Naked Harry Potter page. Dakujem thinks he knows […]

Bringing It All Back Home

Maoi reads the New York Times [free registration, rhubarb, rhubarb] and sends us more strangeness (to Western eyes) from the East. (And we’re going to Mars.) Like this:Like Loading…

Putting A Stop To It

It looks like the Americans are going to get a Trussing too. Whatever the article says, the reason this humorous punctuation guide was such a bestseller in Britain at Christmas isn’t a mystery. In our crappy English comprehensives very few teachers teach punctuation well and very few pupils overcome the peer pressure not to learn. […]

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