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A Little Bit Extra

Never believe anything a television producer tells you. UPDATE: PooterGeek sinks to a new low. For those of you who want a picture of the (wo)man in question go here and for those of you who want to test your own powers of sexual discrimination go here Like this:Like Loading…

Cambridge: The Excitement Continues

Driving in to work along open, tree-lined country roads this week I’ve felt like one of those square-jawed “executives” in a car advertisement. Around here the countryside rolls like a piece of slate, but the flatness doesn’t make the local villages any less attractive than the traditional English postcard model. Every tree seems to be […]

She Shoots! She Scores!

What next? Female scientists? Like this:Like Loading…

Out of the Mouths

David Deutsch, the computational physicist, and others argue that we should take children more seriously. The Paper is a publication that does just that. It is written by 10–18-year-olds under the supervision of professional journalists. Some of the results of this publishing experiment explain why we David and friends have such difficulty persuading the World […]


If you have Macromedia Flash installed in your Web browser you can find out your computer can help you to become “bow-lingual”. Like this:Like Loading…

Pinheads on Angels

Two religious items caught my ear on the Today Programme this morning. The first: a Muslim activist has won a case to have the crucifix removed from the Italian public (state) school his children attend. He is happy. Other Muslims are not. Neither are many Italians. The second: Thought for the Day, the programme’s “God […]

Equal Opportunities

It’s not often I find myself praising Oxford University but fellow graduate Judith has just drawn my attention to the latest public pronouncement of our alma mater and I find myself smiling. Like this:Like Loading…

Ad Homonym

I hope you’ve got RealPlayer for this, though the transcript adds an extra dimension of unintentional amusement. Alan Dershowitz and Norman Finkelstein go head-to-head in one of the most hilarious academic clashes ever committed to tape. Thanks to Wiqqi. Like this:Like Loading…

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