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He Wasn’t There Again Today

This used to be today’s page of PooterGeek, Damian Counsell’s Web journal. It isn’t now, but might be again in about a year’s time (2005?). Please feel free to browse the archives. Like this:Like Loading…

PooterGeek On Ice

Yesterday I transferred from MPhil to PhD status at the Institute of Cancer Research, where I have been registered as a part-time PhD student since Michael Jackson was black. (I would love to be able to tell the story of my viva, but can’t.) One mad year of frenzied experimenting and writing from today I […]

I Was A Teenage Satanist

You will not be surprised to read that I was into Dungeons and Dragons when I was at school. This Macromedia Flash film begins with a joke about D&D being the gateway to Satanism and then turns into such an accurate recreation of a typical game that I recommend you simply pass it by—unless you […]

Slowly Dawning

People who kill deliberately innocent people to frighten other innocent people are terrorists. And even the French are beginning to understand. Like this:Like Loading…

Swimming Race

I am not a fan of Ronald Reagan, the man who accidentally saved the World from communism, while contributing to the deaths of thousands in Nicaragua and to a hugely unpleasant recession in the United States. The unpleasantness of the latter was magnified by our having to listen to British rock critics wank on about […]


Check out the paintings at The Yah-Tah-Hey Gallery. Like this:Like Loading…

Fun With Words

Again, thanks to Maoi. Have a smile at Like this:Like Loading…

Hollywood: The Stupidity Continues

Courtesy of Maoi, another man who dresses up for a living gives the United States advice on how to conduct itself in the World and earns more column inches than most full-time scholars of international relations, just like this guy whose drivellings Judith drew my attention to last week. (This latter article is offset nicely […]

That’s It Then

Someone called Demir Baser kindly emailed a bioinformatics mailing list at work over the weekend to let us poor scientists know that Darwin was wrong because Harun Yahya says so. Thanks, Harun. I can’t wait to read your other “works on Zionism and Freemasonry and their negative effects on world history and politics”. We misguided […]

Fear Me, As Thou Wouldst A Carb-Crazed Infant!

Er, thanks for this, Maoi. Like this:Like Loading…

Blog Hug!

This is an official ‘Blog hug for Leasey. Like this:Like Loading…

Why Humans Are Doomed To Extinction

This week, a friend of my office mate Jo was involved in an expensive and unpleasant four-car, low-speed pileup. This happened when the driver of the frontmost car braked suddenly to avoid running over a squirrel. (The reason there is no photo link attached to the name of this new character in the PooterGeek soap […]

Ooh, Shiny Things!

Scroll down this page to see the new, sexy flat-panel speakers, available for your home cinema this month. Like this:Like Loading…

The Death of Pop Music (cont.)

This year more Americans wanted to watch tall black people bounce a ball than wanted to watch short blonde people snog. Like this:Like Loading…

His Master’s Voice

The Telegraph had the best Alastair Campbell “obituary” article I’ve read so far. Like this:Like Loading…


I normally avoid linking to links from the ‘Blog Instapundit because you’ve already seen them, right? But this is an outstanding piece by anti-war writer Geoffrey Wheatcroft. Like this:Like Loading…

I’ll Get My Coat

At the fancy-dress party, Damian, fancying himself somewhat in his sharply pressed, collarless Dr. Evil suit, asks one of the other guests if she’d be interested in, er, maybe, going for a drink some time. Her response isn’t entirely positive, but he can tell she is just playing hard-to-get from her body language. Update: for […]

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