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So Many Ideologies; So Little Reason

I came across today. It's a satirical Website with a promising front page manifesto Welcome to, a magazine of humor, satire, and commentary for people who prefer thinking over screaming for "peace", stripping for "peace", puking for "peace", cross-dressing for "peace", or otherwise rallying in favor of brutal, Middle-Eastern dictatorships. The site then […]

The Long and Winding Road…

…that leads to my sister's place has a number of distracting branches. I usually manage to take a couple of them on my way to visit her and her family. Today was no exception. My sister is darker than me; my niece is a scarily pale, blue-eyed, blonde six-month-old. I watched her squeal and blow […]

Seven Ways to Spot Non-Science

Yes, I know, I still haven't put up my "Scientific Myths" page. Looking for a quick-and-dirty approach to the problem? Like this:Like Loading…

Not About The War

This story is hilarious. I am otherwise lost for words. Like this:Like Loading…

Better Late Than Never

Just before the war started, Claire mailed some of her arguments in favour and I failed to post them as my 19Mar03 Weblog entry as I intended. Here they are. Like this:Like Loading…

What It's All About

Sorry to keep harping on about the war. Mine is not a "warblog", but if you can think of a more important topic to cover let me know. (Today another publisher invited me to write a bioinformatics book and the best I can do with that is put it in parentheses.) Now I am about […]

No, Not The One With Ben Affleck

Much more thoughtful stuff from the anti-war side seems to be appearing in the mainstream media. Here's some (partisan, but challenging) commentary from historian Arthur Schlesinger. Like this:Like Loading…

Who Lives In A House Like This?

House prices may have been rising in Iraq recently, but I have a feeling there are going to be few takers for this particular home swap. Thanks to NTK. Like this:Like Loading…

Broken Law

Ageing 'Net bores like me enjoy quoting Godwin's Law, so it's doubly surprising that (not even in the interests of balance) I link to an excellent anti-war piece that invokes comparisons with the Hitler era. It is in the interests of balance that I link here too. Like this:Like Loading…


Due to a technical error (technically I'm a plonker) I posted an earlier version of yesterday's entry, which missed out crucial words. I'll fix the entry for 19Mar03 this weekend too. Like this:Like Loading…

Pack Up Your Troubles

While the massed ranks of the spoilt and ignorant continue to talk rubbish about "indiscriminate" "carpet bombing", the Iraqis, who are supposedly about to suffer "carnage", have been looking forward to the change of management by investing massively in their own stock market. Given that they live in, er, Iraq, and that they are, er, […]

Claire’s Case For War

Here's Claire's case for war. Like this:Like Loading…

Daniel Day Gormless

A few weeks back we had the massed intellectual might of British popular music eloquently making the case for "peace" at the Brit Awards . By "peace", of course, they meant letting the fuzzie-wuzzies die quietly and slowly away from our TV screens, rather than conspicuously and in rather smaller numbers with someone from CNN […]

Roasting That Old Chestnut

Following on from yesterday's speech by Robin Cook, she also points out that (as did an Economist article from several weeks back that I am not allowed to link to) that Israel has not clearly been in breach of resolution 242—as everyone lazily claims every time they have an argument about this. Here is her […]

French Twist

Claire points out that the French seem to have changed their minds somewhat about supporting the U.S.. Interestingly, they'll only help if things get dirty. Now I wonder why that might be. If I was a cynical person I'd suspect that the French might have something (else) to hide… Like this:Like Loading…

Insincere Apology

Sorry if there are mistakes in today's multiple entries. I have lots to cover and I am knackered after travelling to London and back to attend the opening of Imperial College's Bioinformatics Centre. I have even more to write, but really need to sleep. I'm also fucking angry and really need to calm down. (See […]

The Gnome Turns

One of the few reassuring things about being "pro-war" has been the stupidity of the opposition. Even when you count George W. Bush among your friends, the average intelligence of the anti-war bloc is still comfortably low by comparison. Hey, these people are in bed with the clone-crazy Raelians. Unfortunately for Tony Blair, whose job […]

Random Oldster

Yes, Stevie Wonder is a genius. Like this:Like Loading…

Oh Dear

It was only to be expected of them. Like this:Like Loading…

Restless and Useless

So a third of academics want to quit? I can think of a third of academics who I want to quit. Unfortunately most of that third would have trouble persuading McDonald's to take them on. Like this:Like Loading…


This one is for Amber, who, despite her contributing to it from time to time, won't read my Weblog on principle. Before you click on the link, turn off your browser's ability to open new windows with JavaScript or you will be plagued by a thousand pop-ups. You'll need to have Flash installed to appreciate […]

"The Blunderer"

Today The Times continues its assault on English: The amount of incentives to lure companies to enter into deals are also rapidly increasing. Like this:Like Loading…


Today, Judith, our Israel correspondent, sent me this [click for image]. This little kid waving the Palestinian flag in front of masked, machine-gun-carrying Hamasniks is wearing a Maccabi-Tel Aviv sweatshirt. Maccabi-Tel Aviv is an Israeli basketball team. Is all this being scripted somewhere? As one of my own work colleagues pointed out, this is like […]

How Boring

Don Johnson is innocent. Like this:Like Loading…

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