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The numbing predictability of it. Unfortunately I can't link to this, but the main political cartoon in today's Guardian has Bush with a missile-shaped "inhumane dog controller" in his hands and Blair as a lap-dog looking up at him with a missile-shaped bone in his mouth. Sharon is a fat hound wallowing in blood behind […]


Blimey. Our Tone joins Dubya in threatening Iraq. Now I'm supposed to spout some clichés about Western imperialism and link to a cartoon depicting Blair and Bush waving their missile-shaped penises or something. Instead, I'll remind certain people that until the British “illegally” exercised their imperialist muscle in Sierra Leone (poorest country in the World, […]


Immortal? It can get kind of lonely, can't it? Bringing together small minorities is something the Web does well and the "terminally challenged", or "TCs" as I shall refer to them, are no exception. There is now a Web community where the mortally disadvantaged can go to discuss eternal life with others. If you are […]


We interrupt this programme to bring a personal message for Claire Berlinski. You very kindly sent me an email when you stumbled on, but I can't reply to it. Your mail server keeps bouncing it back because you have exceeded your message quota, you popular international literary star, you. Send me an alternate contact […]


Reasons to be cheerful, parts 1, 2, 3 and 4. Like this:Like Loading…


I love Americans. Like this:Like Loading…


Our Woman in Israel, Judith Wrubel Levy, sent a link to this excellent, balanced and grimly realistic article on how the U.S. and U.N. should respond to the situation in Israel. You need to register (free) with the New York Times online to read it. Like this:Like Loading…


Apt that my first official Web log entry should combine April Foolery, geekiness and Google, God's own search engine. Check out their extraordinary pigeonrank technology. Talking of April Fool's day… Like this:Like Loading…

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